Class 6 Holiday Homework: Creative and Exciting Ideas

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Class 6 Holiday Homework

As a teacher, you always want your students to identify their strengths and grow academically. Also, you wish for their holistic development. In an attempt to do so, you attempt to assign exciting holiday homework that tickles their imagination and curiosity bugs. So this summer vacation, when you are planning to assign students Class 6 holiday homework, you can take inspiration from the list of assignments mentioned in this blog. Let’s have a look!!

Class 6 Holiday Homework Ideas for Different Subjects

To begin with, we have Class 6 holiday homework ideas for History, Mathematics, Science, and Hindi for you. Let’s proceed!!

1. Interactive Timeline

As teachers, you ask students to pick a period in Indian history to create a timeline using pictures, drawings, and short descriptions of key events. You can advise them to make it interactive by adding movable elements or using an online timeline tool.

2. Maths Whiz Quiz Night

Further, for Class 6 Math holiday homework, you can recommend students to design a family quiz night with fun math problems (e.g., word problems based on household chores). Based on their creativity you can award them points.

3. Science Model

In addition, you can ask students to choose a scientific concept (e.g., water cycle, photosynthesis) to create a working model. For this assignment, you can ask them to create the model from simple DIY crafts using recycled materials or items found at home.

4. Digital Hindi Kavita Rangoli

Besides, for Class 6 Hindi holiday homework, you can assign the task of writing a short Hindi poem on a seasonal theme (e.g.Summers, winters, monsoon, Diwali). Then, ask them to create a virtual rangoli design incorporating the poem’s words or imagery.

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Creative Ideas for Class 6 Holiday Homework

Herein, we have creative Class 6 holiday homework ideas for you.

1. Science in the Kitchen

Ask your students to choose a scientific concept related to food (e.g., states of matter, chemical reactions) to conduct a simple experiment at home (e.g., observing how dough rises). Thereafter, tell them to document their observations and explain the science behind it, when the school reopens. 

2. “Apna Gaon” (Our Village) Documentary

Also, you can design interesting Class 6 holiday homework for students who are visiting their village during the summer holidays. Tell them to record a short video documentary showcasing its unique traditions, crafts, or landmarks. Moreover, ask them to interview local residents (with permission) to capture their stories. Tell them to share their experiences and learnings once the school resumes.

3. Public Speaking Challenge

Additionally, you can suggest that students choose a topic they are passionate about (e.g., the importance of reading, or a local hero). After they select the topic, ask them to write a short speech and practice delivering it to their family during vacations, and present it before the class after the holidays. 

4. Artists of India Research Project

Also, you can tell students to research a famous Indian artist, musician, or dancer (e.g., M.F. Hussain, A.R. Rahman, Abeeda Parveen, Iqbal Bano, Pt. Birju Maharaj). Ask them to create a presentation highlighting their work and its significance in Indian culture.

Source: Indispensable English


Q.1. What are some Class 6 holiday homework ideas?

Ans: Here are some interesting summer vacation homework ideas for Class 6 students:
– Science model on water cycle
– Mapmaking
– DIY Crafts
– Photography project on the lives of people from different walks of life
– Journaling

Q.2. What is a creative Science project for Class 6?

Ans: Class 6 students can create a ‘DIY Solar Oven’ using a cardboard box, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. They can harness the sun’s energy to cook s’mores or melt chocolate. This project demonstrates solar energy conversion and the greenhouse effect, making science fun and tangible for young learners.

Q.3. What are some creative summer holiday homework ideas for school students?

Ans: As teachers, you can inspire students with a ‘Summer Cultural Quest.’ Encourage them to explore diverse cultures through cooking, music, and traditions. They can document their discoveries in journals or create presentations to share with classmates in the fall. 

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