5 Summer Camp Ideas for Preschoolers 

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Summer Camp Ideas for Preschoolers

Summer vacations are fun and what makes them even more fun are the summer camps that we join during them. There are a lot of ideas that can be implemented to make summer camp fun and help in the overall development of kids, along with their holistic development. In this blog, we are providing you with 5 Summer Camp Ideas for Preschoolers that will make their summer vacations even more fun. To learn about them, keep reading this blog. 

1. Storytelling

Write the ideas for a story on a piece of paper, fold them, and put them inside a jar. Then, randomly ask the students to come up and pick the chits and enact the story using emotions. 

This idea will help in encouraging the students to recite and speak more confidently, along with better expressing their emotions. 

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2. Indoor Games

Sort the students into groups and to each group, give an indoor game like ludo, sudoku, dumb charades, etc. 

Such games help in their analytical development along with developing competitive skills while still staying well-behaved. 

3. Scavenger Hunt

For this activity, divide the students into groups of 4-5. Give them an initial clue that will be followed by more clues that will eventually lead to a treasure. 

This activity will help build team bonding and work with others. Children will be able to appreciate teamwork more. 

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4. Painting

Make chits of some topics like nature, birds, fishes, etc, and put them in a jar after folding them. Then, call the students one by one and ask them to pick the topics and make a painting on the topic they got by using poster colours. 

This activity will allow students’ creativity to run free. They will be able to explore their creative side more. 

5. Creating a Comic

Students can be asked to create a comic of their own by coming up with a story plot. They can be asked to draw illustrations, dialogue bubbles, etc. 

This idea will not only enhance their creativity but will also encourage them to develop creative thinking skills. And the painting with vivid colours is just so fun for everyone. 

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We hope that the above-mentioned summer camp activity ideas will help kids discover their interests and make their vacation fruitful and fun. 


Q.1. What are summer camp activities for kids?

Ans: Some of the summer camp activities for kids are mentioned below: 

Creating a Comic 
Scavenger hunt 
Indoor Games 

Q.2. What is an activity kids do at the summer camp?

Ans: Kids can play in a pool. This is one of the best summer camp activity ideas. 

Q.3. Why summer camp for kids?

Ans: Summer camps not only allow kids to have fun, but they also learn a lot of skills along the way like, socialising, speaking confidently, working in teams, etc. 

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