Creative Holiday Homework for Nursery Class: Top 11 Ideas and Themes

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Top 11 Holiday Homework for Nursery Class

Summer break is a time for fun and relaxation, but it is also a great opportunity for young children to keep their minds active and continue learning. Forget boring worksheets! This blog post is packed with creative holiday homework for Nursery Class. We will explore themes like nature exploration, arts and crafts, and even healthy living, all designed to make summer learning a blast for children, teachers, and parents. 

Creative Holiday Homework for Nursery Class: Top 11 Ideas

Nursery school is all about learning through play and exploration. So, summer holiday homework should be engaging and fun, keeping those little minds active! Here are some creative ideas:

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list with pictures (or simple words) of things they can find outside – like leaves, flowers, pinecones. Let them explore the park or backyard and tick them off the list!

Sensory Play in a Jar

Fill a jar with different textures like rice, pasta, and beans, and add small toys. Let them shake, pour, and explore the different feels.

My Summer Story Collage

Provide magazines, colourful paper scraps, and photos (with help for cutting). Let them create a collage depicting their ideal summer activities.

Watermelon Seed Planting

After enjoying a yummy watermelon, save the seeds! Let them plant them in a pot and watch them grow (with adult supervision).

Fingerprint Art Animals

Use stamp pads and paper. Let them make fingerprints and turn them into funny animal shapes with markers or crayons.

Beach in a Box

Fill a box with sand (or brown sugar) and add small plastic toys like seashells, toy fish, and boats. Let their imaginations set sail!

Build a Cardboard City

Save cardboard boxes! Let them work with you to create a city with buildings, tunnels, and maybe even a cardboard car.

Sing a Song, Learn a Rhyme

Pick a simple summer-themed song or rhyme. Practice it together throughout the holidays to keep those little voices chirping.

Draw What You See

Take them to the park or a scenic spot. Let them draw what they see, focusing on shapes and colours.

Make a Paper Plate Mask

Cut out eye holes in paper plates. Let them decorate them with paints, markers, glitter, and feathers for a fun summer mask.

Help in the Kitchen

Simple tasks like mixing ingredients or decorating cookies can be a fun learning experience. Let them be your little summer kitchen helper!

Creative Holiday Homework for Nursery Class: Top ideas

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Creative Holiday Homework for Nursery Class: Common Themes

When ideating creative summer holiday homework for nursery class, it is helpful to focus on themes that are both engaging and age-appropriate. By incorporating these common themes into summer holiday homework for nursery classes, you can create a variety of engaging and enriching activities that cater to children’s interests and developmental needs.

Here are some common themes that can inspire creative activities for nursery students:

Nature Exploration

Encourage children to explore the natural world around them by observing plants, insects, and animals. They can go on nature walks with their families, collect leaves and flowers, or even start a small garden at home.

Imagination and Storytelling

Foster creativity by encouraging children to use their imagination to create stories, characters, and artwork. They can draw pictures, make up their own stories, or act out scenes with puppets or toys.

Family and Community

Promote a sense of belonging and connection by inviting children to learn more about their families and communities. They can interview family members, draw pictures of their homes, or create a family tree.

Arts and Crafts

Provide opportunities for children to express themselves through art and crafts. They can paint, draw, collage, or work with clay to create unique masterpieces.

Music and Movement

Motivate children to explore music and movement through singing, dancing, and playing simple musical instruments. They can create their own songs, choreograph dances, or make homemade instruments.

Science and Exploration

Spark curiosity and wonder by introducing simple science concepts through hands-on activities. Children can conduct experiments, observe changes in nature, or learn about the properties of different materials.

Cultural Diversity

Celebrate diversity by introducing children to different cultures, traditions, and celebrations from around the world. They can learn about holidays, festivals, and customs through stories, songs, and crafts.

Healthy Living

Promote healthy habits by encouraging children to learn about nutrition, exercise, and self-care. They can help prepare healthy snacks, engage in outdoor activities, or practice relaxation techniques like yoga or mindfulness.

Sensory Play

Provide opportunities for sensory exploration through activities that engage the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Children can play with sensory bins, experiment with different textures, or create sensory art projects.

Adventure and Exploration

Encourage children to embark on adventures and explore new places, both near and far. They can go on virtual tours, visit local parks or museums, or create their own treasure maps for imaginary quests.

Creative Holiday Homework for Nursery Class Themes

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Nursery Class Holiday Homework Summer Vacation: Other Common Ideas

In this section, we have 11 creative ideas for nursery class holiday homework summer vacation. These ideas offer a mix of fun, educational, and creative activities to keep children engaged and learning during their summer vacation.

Have children collect natural materials like rocks, leaves, and flowers to create artwork outdoors. They can arrange them into patterns or shapes and take photos to share with the class later.

Family Recipe Book

Encourage children to work with their families to collect favourite recipes and create a mini recipe book. They can draw pictures of the dishes or help with simple cooking tasks.

Musical Instruments

Encourage children to make simple musical instruments using household items like empty containers, rice for shakers, or rubber bands stretched over a box for a makeshift guitar. They can create their own songs and perform for their families.

Letter to a Pen Pal

Help children connect with a pen pal from another nursery class or location. They can write letters or draw pictures to share their experiences and learn about life in different places.

Family Time Capsule

Have children and their families create a time capsule filled with items and memories from the summer vacation. They can bury it in the backyard or hide it away to be opened in the future.

Science Experiments

Provide simple science experiment ideas that children can do at home with parental supervision, such as making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar or creating a rainbow with a glass of water and a flashlight.

DIY Puppet Show

Encourage children to create their own puppets using socks, paper bags, or craft sticks. They can write a short script and perform a puppet show for their family members.

Photo Journal

Give each child a disposable camera or encourage them to use a smartphone (with parental guidance) to take photos of their summer adventures. They can create a photo journal or collage to share with the class when they return.

Source: Bright Future Academy


Q.1. What are some common creative holiday homework nursery class ideas?

Ans: Some common nursery class summer holiday ideas are:
-Nature scavenger hunt
-Sensory play in a jar
-My summer story collage
-Build a cardboard city
-Make a paper plate mask

Q.2. What are the top nursery class holiday homework summer vacation ideas?

Ans: Top ideas for summer vacation homework are:

-DIY puppet show
-Photo Journal
-Family time capsules
-Letter to a pen pal

Q.3. What are arts and crafts holiday homework for nursery kids?

Ans: They can paint, draw, collage, or work with clay to create unique masterpieces.

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