NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 ‘The Fight’: Notes and Solutions (Free PDF)

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NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 'The Fight'

NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 ‘The Fight’ by Ruskin Bond is a story about two boys who start a quarrel in a forest. As the story progresses, both characters realise that things can be resolved by talking to each other and that violence must be avoided at any cost. To read about both boys (Ranji and Suraj) and their fight refer to the summary section of the notes. Whereas, for answers to the questions in the Comprehension Check and Exercise sections refer to the NCERT solutions. Also, you can download the solutions PDF for revision before exams. All the best!!

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Summary of NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 ‘The Fight’

Ranji, a recent arrival in Rajpur, explores the area and discovers a hidden pool in the forest during a scorching summer. Enjoying the solitude, he frequents the spot until he encounters Suraj, an older boy who asserts ownership of the pool as a warrior. Suraj challenges Ranji’s presence, sparking a confrontation.

Despite Ranji’s attempts at diplomacy, Suraj remains hostile, asserting his dominance. Ranji, refusing to back down, asserts his own identity as a fighter. The two boys engage in a physical altercation, each claiming superiority over the other. The fight escalates into a fierce struggle, even continuing into the pool itself.

After an exhausting battle, neither emerges as the clear victor. Despite the physical toll, Ranji remains determined not to concede defeat. He sees the pool as a symbol of his freedom and refuses to relinquish it to Suraj’s dominance.

The next day, both boys return to the pool, tensions still high. Suraj, impressed by Ranji’s diving skills, expresses a desire to learn. Ranji, sensing an opportunity to build rapport, agrees to teach Suraj how to dive. This exchange marks a turning point in their relationship, as they move from adversaries to potential friends.

As they spend more time together, Ranji and Suraj begin to bond over their shared experiences. Suraj, recognizing Ranji’s strength and potential, offers to teach him wrestling, a gesture of friendship and mutual respect. Ranji, in turn, accepts Suraj’s offer, seeing it as an opportunity for growth and camaraderie.

Through their shared endeavours and mutual respect, Ranji and Suraj forge a friendship. They come to view the pool not as a battleground but as a shared sanctuary, a place where they can both find solace and companionship. By overcoming their initial hostility and finding common ground, Ranji and Suraj demonstrate the power of understanding and friendship.

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Important Words and Phrases and Their Meanings

In this section, you get the list of word meanings to help you interpret NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 easily. 

InterminablyTill infinity or endlessly
CascadingTo fall
ParchedHot and dry
Trickle(here) low-intensity flow of water
TorrentA stream of water rushing through
HostilityBitterness or enmity
WallowedRolled out or Sloshed in water
Taken abackSurprised
ThickestSturdy built
SplutteringSpeak rapidly or confusedly
ImpasseDeadlock (place or position from which there is no way out)
StaggeredUnsteady/felt weak
SwayingMovement from one side to another
InspirationA novel idea
AcquiesceAccept silently
ScowledStare angrily
Treading waterTrying to keep oneself upright in a water body by moving the feet
Seer/SerAn ancient unit for weight in India. The quantity is less than a litre. It is equal to 1/40 of a maund.
FeatSpecial skill
UnflinchingStare at someone or something without blinking
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NCERT Solutions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 ‘The Fight’ 

Comprehension Check I (Page No. 49)

Ques 1. In what way is the forest pool different from the one which Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert?

Ans: The forest pool was special because it was cold, clear, and welcoming unlike the muddy and dirty pools in the Rajputana desert where buffaloes lounged and women washed clothes.

Ques 2. The other boy asked Ranji to ‘explain’ himself.

(i) What did he expect Ranji to say?

(ii) Was he, in your opinion, right or wrong to ask this question?


(i) Since Ranji did not ask to use the pool, Suraj demanded an apology and told him to leave right away.

(ii) He was wrong to ask this question as the pool was a public property and accessible to everyone in the forest.

Ques 3. Between Ranji and the other boy, who is trying to start a quarrel? Give a reason for your answer.

Ans: Both boys seemed eager to fight. When Ranji saw the other boy, he stayed quiet, but the boy demanded an explanation from Ranji. Despite Ranji’s attempts to be friendly, the boy spoke harshly to him. Ranji suggested they swim together, but the boy insisted it was his pool and an argument ensued.

Ques 4. “Then we will have to continue the fight,” said the other.

(i) What made him say that?

(ii) Did the fight continue? If not, why not?


(i) Ranji did not want to leave the pool even after arguing for a while. The other boy said they would have to keep fighting.

(ii) Both of them got tired after the fight, so they did not keep fighting. Even though they planned to continue later, neither of them did. The other boy said they’d continue the next day if Ranji returned.

Comprehension Check II (Page 53)

Ques 1. What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home?

Ans: When Ranji got home, he struggled to explain the cuts and bruises from his fight with Suraj. It was tough to hide that he had been in a serious fight, so his mother made him stay home for the rest of the day.

Ques 2. Ranji sees his adversary in the bazaar.

(i) What does he wish to do?

(ii) What does he actually do, and why?


(i) When Ranji spotted his opponent in the market, he tried to avoid him by turning away and looking elsewhere. He felt so angry that he considered throwing the lemonade bottle at the other boy.

(ii) Ranji chose not to react. He simply stood his ground and glared at his adversary as he passed by. He didn’t want to start any unnecessary fights in the market. Similarly, the other boy didn’t say anything either but returned Ranji’s glare with equal intensity.

Ques 3. Ranji is not at all eager for a second fight. Why does he go back to the pool, then?

Ans: Even though Ranji did not want another fight with the other boy, he reluctantly left home. He remembered he had accepted the challenge and felt he had to stand up to his enemy to earn respect. Giving up would mean admitting defeat to the other boy.

Ques 4. Who was the better swimmer? How do you know it?

Ans: Ranji proved to be a better swimmer than Suraj. Suraj teased Ranji, questioning if he could swim across the pool. In response, Ranji immediately dove into the water and swiftly surfaced at the other end. Suraj was astonished by Ranji’s skill and asked him how he managed to do it so effortlessly. He then requested Ranji to teach him how to dive and swim underwater, promising to help Ranji become a wrestler in return.

Ques 5. What surprises the warrior?

Ans: When Ranji dived into the water smoothly, Suraj was amazed. Ranji swam underwater and surprised Suraj by circling and coming up behind him. Suraj admired Ranji’s swimming abilities.

Ques 6. Now that they are at the pool, why don’t they continue the fight?

Ans: Even though both boys were at the pool, they were not fighting. Suraj, the warrior, was surprised when he saw Ranji’s diving and underwater swimming skills. He wanted Ranji to teach him these skills.

Ques 7. Ranji’s superiority over the other boy is obvious in the following: 

  • physical strength
  • good diving
  • his being a fighter
  • sense of humour
  • swimming under water
  • making a good point
  • willingness to help 

Underline the relevant phrases.

Ans: The following phrases explain Ranji’s superiority over the other boy, Suraj:

  • Good diving
  • Swimming underwater
  • Willingness to help

Ques 8. What, according to you, makes the two adversaries turn into good friends in a matter of minutes? Explain it as you have understood it.

Ans: The two boys became good friends because they admired each other’s skills, which they didn’t have themselves. The boy asked Ranji to teach him to dive and swim underwater, forgetting about the fight. Ranji accepted the friendship because he wanted to help the other boy. In return, the boy promised to train Ranji to become a wrestler like himself because Ranji was lean. This is how the two enemies became friends quickly.


Ques 1. Is fighting the only way of resolving differences of opinion? What else can be done to reach mutually acceptable settlement?

Ans: Fighting is not the only way to solve disagreements. We can talk calmly, listen to each other, and find a solution that makes everyone happy. We must realise that compromise, understanding, and respecting each other’s feelings can help us reach a fair agreement without resorting to fighting.

Ques 3. Why do some of us find it necessary to prove that we are better than others? 

Ans: Some people feel the need to prove they are better because they want attention or to feel important. They might think being better makes them more likeable or respected. But it is more important to be kind and helpful to others, rather than trying to show off.

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Q1. Who is the author of NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 6 ‘The Fight’?

Ans: ‘The Fight’ is written by Ruskin Bond.

Q2. Who are the two boys in the Class 8 English Chapter 6?

Ans: The two boys are Ranji and Suraj.

Q3. Where does Ruskin Bond live?

Ans: Ruskin Bond resides in the beautiful hills of Mussoorie. 

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