Summer Holiday Homework for Class 3 English: Session 2024-25

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Summer Holiday Homework for Class 3 English

Summer Holiday Homework for Class 3 English: Completing the summer holiday is not a task; instead, it is a learning experience that requires relaxation of mind and enjoyment. The knowledge and skills you gain during your summer holiday are a unique experience that will further develop your strategy and learning skills. Meanwhile, after completing your schoolwork, do not forget to pat yourself on the back.

In this blog, we are going to give you a rich experience of summer holiday homework for class 3 English so that you can learn English with an active and engaging mind. Have a wonderful and enriching summer.

Question 1. Read the comprehension given below:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily. She loved flowers more than anything else in the world. One day, she explored the woods near her house. Lily stumped upon a hidden garden. The garden was unlike any she had ever seen before. It was filled with vibrant flowers of every color imaginable. Excitedly, Lily entered the garden and began to explore. As she walked among the flowers, she noticed something magical happening. 

Whenever she touched a flower, it would glow with a soft light and emit a sweet fragrance. Amazed by this discovery, Lily spent hours in the garden, touching each flower and watching them light up. She felt like she was in a fairy tale. But as the sun began to set, she realized that it was time to go home.

Lily said goodbye to the magical garden and promised to return the next day. As she walked home, she could not stop thinking about the beautiful flowers and the beautiful experience she had just had.

Answer the following questions based on the above-given comprehension:

a. What is the name of the little girl in the story?
b. What did Lily love more than anything else?
c. Where did Lily find the hidden garden?
d. What happened when Lily touched the flowers in the garden?
e. How did Lily feel as she explored the garden?
f. What did Lily promise to do before leaving the garden?
Question 2. Write a paragraph (six sentences) on I Love My India. You may use the following hints.

Here is the list of given hints for writing a paragraph:

1. What makes you love India?
2. Describe the flag of India.
3. What do you appreciate about the culture of India?
Which festivals do you enjoy celebrating in India?
How do you feel about the diversity of India?
Why is unity important in India?
Question 3. Write answers to the following questions.

a. Can you swim?
b. Could you tie your shoes?
c. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
d. Were you happy when you saw your friend?
e. Did you read a book last night?
f. Did you read a book last night?
Question 4. Complete the following story by using the hints given in the box.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named ___(1)___. One day, she found a special ___(2)___in her backyard. Excited to see where it would lead, she used the key to open a hidden ___(3)___in the garden. Inside, she discovered a magical ___(4)___. As she explored, she met a friendly___(5)___who showered her around the beautiful garden. Together, they had many ____(6)___and found amazing ___(7)___hidden among the flowers. At the end of the day, the girl used the key to return home, but she knew she would always remember her adventure in the magical ___(8)___.

1. Name of the girl
2. Object found in the backyard
3. Location behind the door
4. Object found inside the hidden place
5. Creature the girl meets
6. Fun activities
7. Surprises
8. Description of the garden
Question 5. Match the following articles in column A with appropriate words in column B.
Column AColumn B
The Book
TheHoly Book

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Question 6. Fill in the blanks with the second form (the simple past tense form) of the verb given in the brackets.

a. I _____(play) football with my friends in the park.
b. Sarah _____(eat) an apple for breakfast this morning.
c. The cat ____(sleep) under the tree all afternoon.
d. We ____ (read) an interesting storybook last night before bed.
e. The birds____ (sing) beautifully in the garden yesterday.
f. He_____(a letter to his grandmother last week.
Question 7. Fill in the blanks with can or cannot.

a. ____ you run fast?
b._____he swam when he was three?
c._____ she speaks French?
d. _____they ride a bike?
e._____ the dog loudly?
f. _____ I go home?
Question 8. Write the correct spellings of the following words.

a. Which is the correct spelling? Camoflage or Camouflage?
b. Is it spelled Recieve or Receive?
c. Which one is the right spelling? “Believe” or “Beleive”?
d. Is it spelled “Necessary” or “Necesary”?
e. Which one is correct? “Accomodate” or “Accommodate”?
f. . Is it spelled “Disipline” or “Discipline”?
Question 9. Choose the correct option.

a. She play/plays in the park on every Monday. 
b. Sheetal Do/Does your friend go/goes to school every day? 
c. My brother never do/does shopping on his own.
d. Do/does Ram goes for walk/walks every evening?
e. Do/does he listen/listens to rap music?
f. Mark go/goes to the office every weekend.
Summer Holiday Homework for Class 3 English

We hope you have enjoyed the journey of solving summer holiday homework for Class 3 English. 

Meanwhile, do not forget to share these notes with your classmates and other friends. Try to solve more English summer vacation practice homework sheets and learn while you play.

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Q.1. Why is summer holiday homework important?

Ans: Summer holiday homework is important for several reasons:
1. It helps students revise previously taught topics during the academic year and prevents a summer learning loss.
2. It keeps students engaged and their minds active. Further, it also helps in preparing the students for the next session.
3. Summer holiday homework helps students explore topics of interest in greater depth.

Q.2. How to complete summer vacation homework in 2 days?

Ans: Completing the summer vacation homework in 2 days can be challenging. But here are some tips that will help you:
1. Create a schedule, make a list of all the assignments, and prioritise them based on their deadlines.
2. Eliminate distractions and find a quiet environment to work in. 
3. If you encounter any difficulty or have doubts, do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers or any reliable source.

Q.3. Is it holiday or holiday homework?

Ans: The correct answer is summer holiday homework or summer vacation homework The singular form holiday homework is more commonly used. 

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