Class 3 Holiday Homework: Session 2024-25

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Class 3 Holiday Homework

Class 3 Holiday Homework: Holiday homework plays an important role in the academic life of a student. The main purpose of these homework assignments is to engage the students and help them to learn the concepts outside the classroom. To serve this purpose teachers prepare special holiday homework assignments for the students to keep their sharp minds engaging and to explore their interests and creativity.

Class 3 Holiday Homework Do’s and Dont’s 

Students are required to read the following instruction list of Do’s and Dont’s before starting their homework:

1. Listen to instructions: Listen carefully to what the teacher says or writes about homework.

2. Schedule your time: Set aside a specific time and place for homework where you can concentrate and concentrate.

3. Gather your supplies: Make sure you have all the necessary books, papers and supplies before you start.

4. Be organized: Keep your room tidy and organised to avoid distractions.

5. Ask for help if necessary: ​​If you run into a problem, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher, parents, or classmates for help.

6. Work independently: Try to complete homework on your own to develop your skills and understanding.

7. Check your work: Before you submit your homework, check your answers to make sure they are correct and complete.

8. Rest: If you feel tired or frustrated, take a short break to rest and recharge before returning to your homework.

9. Stay positive: Be positive and remind yourself that you can do it.

10. Celebrate your accomplishments: When you finish your homework, take some time to celebrate your efforts and efforts.

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Class 3 Holiday Homework For English 

Here is an interesting and informative Class 3 Holiday Homework For English:

Q1. Read the comprehension and answer the question below:

It was a bright sunny day. Sarah and her family went to the beach for some summer fun. They packed a picnic basket full of delicious sandwiches, pastries, fruits and refreshing drinks. Sarah was very excited and she wore her favourite pink swimsuit and carried a big beach ball.
As soon as they reached the beach, Sarah ran towards the water, eager to feel the cool waves tickle her toes. She built sandcastles and decorated them with seashells. For this, she took the help of her brother, Shayan. Sarah´s mom and dad relaxed on the beach chairs and enjoyed the cool nearby breeze. 
After playing in the water and building the sandcastles, the children towards their mother for lunch. Sarah and her family sat on a big hand-woven mat and enjoyed their picnic by the sea. They laughed and talked while enjoying their favourite food items. 
When they finished eating, Sarah asked Mom to permit her to swim. Mom agreed, and Sarah wore her yellow and red coloured beach suit. She splashed and played until her fingers turned wrinkly. As the Sun began to set, the family packed their belongings and headed towards home. They were tired but happy, after spending a fun day at the beach.

Question 1. Answer the Questions:

1. Who went to the beach for summer fun?

2. What did Sarah wear on the beach? What was its colour?

3. What did Sarah and her brother do with the sand on the beach?

4. What did Sarah´s family do after playing in the water?

5. How did Sarah feel at the end of the day?

Question 2. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun:

1. ___________ like to read books. (I, You, They)
2. ___________ enjoys playing soccer. (He, She, We)
3. ___________ can swim very well. (He, It, They)
4. ___________want to eat ice cream. (We, You, He)
5. ___________ likes to ride bicycles. (She, It, They)

Question 3. Underline the verb in the sentence:

1. The birds chirp loudly in the morning.
2. She dances gracefully on the stage.
3. The dogs bark loudly at the stranger.
4. The sun shines brightly in the sky.
5. The boy is playing in the park.

Question 4. Rearrange the words to make a correct sentence:

1. is playing Tom soccer with.
2. at we the are zoo monkeys looking.
3. mat cat sat The on the.
4. saw yesterday as I rainbow.
5. the is washing dishes mom.

Question 5. Place the punctuation wherever necessary:

1. I like to read books
2. Where is my pencil
3. Dogs cats and birds are pets.
4. My favorite colours are blue red and yellow
5. Wow that was amazing

Question 6. Write a short paragraph in about 50-60 words on Mahatma Gandhi.

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Class 3 Holiday Homework For Mathematics

Let us delve into the world of numbers with class 3 holiday homework for Mathematics:

Question 1. Solve in ascending and descending order:

a. Arrange the numbers in ascending order.
2874, 3452, 4129, 2568

b. Put the following numbers from smallest to largest.
4826, 3765, 5913, 4278

c. Place the following numbers in descending order.
6592, 7431, 5286, 3981, 5243

d. Sort the numbers in descending order.
9265, 8473, 7158, 5845

e. Make two sets of numbers with ascending and descending.
6545, 9265, 8473, 7158

Question 2. Complete the series:

a. Find the missing number in the series of 5, 10, __, 20,__.
b. What is the next number in the following series: 2,4,6,8, ___.
c. What comes next in the series of 82431, 54987, 76352, ____, 65789.
d. Find the missing number in the series: 97864, 53142, 87654,___, 65432.
e. What comes next in the series of 89654,____, 75938, 62109,____.

Question 3. Expand the following numbers:

a. Write the expanded form of 436.
b. Express the number 726 in expanded form.
c. What is the expanded form of 914?
d. Write the expanded form of 567
e. Express the number 675 in expanded form.

Question 4. Write each digit’s place value and face value:

a. In the number 723, what is the place value of 2?
b. What is the face value of the digit 6 in the number 867?
c. Identify the place value and face value of the digit 9 in the number 598.
d. In the number 357, what is the place value of 5?
e. What is the face value of the digit 3 in the number 834?

Question 5. Solve the following questions with data handling:

a. How many pets do you have? (Record responses and create a pie chart.)
b. What is your favourite fruit? (Collect responses and create a pictograph.)
c. How many hours do you spend playing outside each week? (Record responses and create a line graph.)
d. How many books did you read last month? (Create a bar graph.)
e. How many siblings do you have? (Create a table of frequency.)

Question 6. Arithmetic Problems:

a. Solve: 1322 ÷ 6
b. If you have 8 cookies and you share them equally among 4 friends, how many cookies will each friend get?
c. Solve: 1232-343
d. If Sheela has 4 packs of crayons, and each pack has 12 crayons, how many crayons do you have in total?
e. Solve 14×23

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Class 3 Holiday Homework For EVS 

To explore more about our Environmental changes, let us delve into the children with class 3 holiday homework for EVS.

Question 1. Answer the following question on the topic, Animals and their Habitats:

a. Name three animals that live in the forest.
b. Describe the habitat of a tiger.
c. Explain how a camel is adapted to live in the desert.
d. Name two animals that live in water.
e. Draw and label the habitat of a bird.

Question 2. Quench the thirst of Plant Life:

a. List three parts of a plant and their functions.
b. Name two flowering plants and two non-flowering plants.
c. Describe the process of photosynthesis in plants.
d. Explain the importance of trees in the environment.
e. Draw and label the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Questions 3. Answer the following questions to conserve the environment:

a. Name the three ways to conserve water at home.
b. Explain the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
c. Describe how pollution affects the environment. 
d. Suggest three ways to reduce air pollution.
e. Draw and label a poster promoting environmental conservation.

Question 4. Answer the following question on the topic of Food and Nutrition:

a. Name five food items that come from plants.
b. Describe the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.
c. Explain why it is important to have a balanced diet.
d. List three sources of Protein.
e. Draw and label a healthy plate.

Question 5. Explore the questions and know your Earth:

a. Name the continents and oceans of the world.
b. Describe the water cycle with a well-labelled diagram.
c. Describe the effects of deforestation on the environment.
d. Draw and label the layers of the Earth. 
e. Explain the importance of soil.

Question 6. Complete the crossword puzzle with the names of different types of habitats:


1. The habitat of polar bears and penguins.
2. An area covered with trees and plants.
3. A wetland habitat with tall grasses and water lilies.


4. The habitat of camels and cacti.
5. A habitat found in oceans with colourful coral reefs.
6. The habitat of lions and zebras in Africa. 

Answers. Across – 1. Tundra 2. Forest 3. Swamp 
Down – 4. Desert 5. Coral reef 6. Savanna 

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Class 3 Holiday Homework For Computer

Learning more about Computers can be fun with holiday homework for computers. Let us learn some important and interesting questions on the Computer for Class 3 holiday homework. 

Question 1. Select the correct answer from the following questions:

1. Which of the following is an output device?
   a. Keyboard   
b. Monitor
   c. Mouse
   d. Printer

2. What is the function of RAM in a computer?
   a. Stores permanent data
   b. Controls input devices
   c. Provides temporary storage for data and programs
   d. Manages network connections

3. Which of the following is an example of an operating system?
   a. Microsoft Office
   b. Adobe Photoshop
   c. Windows 10
   d. Google Chrome

4. What is the purpose of a firewall?
   a. Protects against viruses
   b. Manages network traffic
   c. Filters unwanted websites
   d. Encrypts data transmission

5. What does CPU stand for?
   a. Central Processing Unit
   b. Computer Processing Unit 
  c. Central Programming Unit
   d. Computer Power Unit

Question 2. State whether the following statements are True or False:

a. The Internet is a network of interconnected computers.
b. RAM stands for Read-Only Memory.
c. An operating system is software that manages computer hardware and software resources.
d. A printer is an input device.
e. A web browser is used to create text documents.

Question 3. Answer the following questions:

a. What is the role of an Operating System?
b. What is the function of a mouse?
c. What is the purpose of antivirus software?
d. How does a web browser work?
e. What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Question 4. Complete the crossword puzzle with computer-related terms:
a. The brain of the computer.
b. Input device used to enter text and numbers. 
c. A program used to browse the Internet.
d. Output device used to display images and text.
e. Stores data permanently. 

Question 6. Draw any 5 input and output devices and write down 5 lines on each.
Source: Learning with a Difference

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1. How do I plan my holiday homework?

Ans. To plan your holiday homework effectively, follow these steps:
– Make a list of all the assignments and projects you need to complete during the holidays.
– Prioritize the tasks based on their due dates and level of difficulty.
– Break down each task into smaller, manageable steps.
– Create a realistic schedule, allocating specific time slots for each task.
– Factor in breaks and leisure activities to avoid burnout.
– Gather all the necessary materials and resources you’ll need.
– Set up a dedicated study space that is conducive to learning.
– Consider working on the most challenging tasks first while you’re fresh.
– Stay organized and track your progress regularly.

2. Is holiday homework good for students? 

Ans. Holiday homework can be beneficial for students if assigned and approached correctly. Here are some potential advantages:
It prevents learning loss and keeps students’ minds engaged during the long break.
– It develops time management and self-discipline skills.
– It allows students to explore topics of interest in greater depth.
– It provides an opportunity for independent learning and research.

3. How do I write a holiday plan? 

Ans. To write a plan for a holiday, follow the steps:

– Start by listing all the tasks, assignments, and projects you need to complete during the holidays.
– Estimate the time required for each task and prioritize them based on due dates and importance.
– Create a calendar or schedule, allocating specific time slots for each task.
– Factor in breaks, leisure activities, and family commitments to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
– Identify the resources and materials you’ll need for each task and ensure you have access to them.
– Set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself, but also allow for some flexibility.
– Consider working on the most challenging tasks first when you’re fresh and motivated.

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