Essay on Winter Vacation ✍️: Samples in 150, 250 Words

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Essay on Winter Vacation

24th December marks the beginning of winter vacation for school students, which is a time of joy and celebration with friends and families. Winter vacation usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks for elementary students, where they actively participate and vibe in Christmas and New Year shopping and celebrations. Students are excited about their Christmas presents, hoping Santa will gift them their favourite toys, such as racing cars, barbie dolls, gaming consoles, etc.

However, once the winter vacations are over and schools resume, you will have to write an essay on winter vacation as part of your academics, where you are required to share your experiences, how you spent your time, ways of celebration, what was there on your shopping lists or where did you go for a trip, etc. Today, we are delighted to present some sample essays on winter vacation which will provide students with different ideas.

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Essay on Winter Vacation in 150 Words

‘My winter vacation started right after Christmas, which was a two-week long vacation. Winter Vacation is my favourite time of the year, as we go New Year shopping, plan a trip to a hill station, and enjoy feasts like homemade cakes, cookies, pastries sweets, etc. On this winter vacation, I went to the city market to buy winter clothes with my parents. My father bought a denim jeans and a dungarees jacket for me, as were planning a trip to Mussoorie, the famous hill station.

Before me and my family left for our winter vacation trip, I completed all my winter homework and school assignments, so that I don’t have to worry about them after returning from our vacation. I took my brother’s help with mathematics homework and completed the remaining homework myself.

After that, we went on a 4-day family trip to Mussoorie, where we had quality time and played a lot. We were lucky enough to witness snowfall and my brother made a large snowman and snowballs and played for hours. Later, we went back to the hotel, where we had our tasty lunch and a bonfire. This was my this year’s winter vacation, which was full of excitement and surprises.’

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Essay on Winter Vacation in 300 Words

‘Winter and summer vacations are my favourite time of the year, as we are free from academic pressure and don’t have to worry about school for the next couple of weeks. This year, my winter vacation started with an exciting activity, as I attended a wedding with my family in a different city. It was a short un-planned family trip where we had a lot of fun. Me and sister were excited to dine out at a highway restaurant, which was one of the memorable moments of my winter vacation. On our way to the wedding, I and my sister requested our father to stop at a highway restaurant, as were hungry.

Me and my sister ate a pizza and ice cream. After finishing our food, we were back on our way to the wedding. We greeted all our relatives and some of them gave us gifts. After returning from the wedding, I and my sister wanted to work on extracurricular activities, so our father enrolled us in dance classes. For the next 10 days, we were continuously working on our dancing skills, which was physically exhausting but interesting. As soon as we hit the dance floor, all we could do was wave our hands in the air and vibe with the music.

Another fun activity I did during this winter vacation was helping my mother with household chores. Our family has a custom of making Gajar ka Halwa every winter. I wanted to learn from my mother how it is prepared and the ingredients she uses to make it. Gajar ka halwa is one of my favourite sweets. Eating Gajar ka Halwa on a chilled January morning is one of my loving memories. I wish I could enjoy I little more of those family moments, where there is no school pressure, just fun and love. Now, I will plan for next year’s winter vacations, where me and my family can have a great time together.’

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What are Winter Vacations?

Winter vacation is a relaxing holiday that happens from mid-December to January. Christmas and New Year are celebrated during the winter vacation. School students and children wait for these vacations for a year as they will get to enjoy 15-day holidays at home with their friends and family.

How to write my winter vacation experience in 10 lines?

Winter vacations are the most awaited time of the year. Here is how I celebrated my Winter vacation: I decorated my house with fairy lights; My mother taught me to bake gingerbread for the gingerbread house; I and my father bought a Christmas tree; I along with my family and neighbours decorated a Christmas tree in my drawing room; We also wore Santa caps and enjoyed the winters wishing each other a Merry Christmas; My parents gave me a gift for Christmas. They had hidden the gift under my pillow to surprise me in the morning; I played badminton with my friends; My mother also taught me how to knit a sweater during this winter vacation; We burst crackers on 31 December at 12 in the night to celebrate the New Year; My New Year resolution is to stay self-motivated and work hard to do good in academics.

How do I spend my winter vacation essay 100 words?

Winter vacation is the most happening time of the year associated with festivities. Everyone meets each other during Christmas and New Year and enjoys warm beverages to cope with the extreme cold weather. Some families also plan a short weekend at the hill station in winter vacation. Watching movies, sitting at home, enjoying sweets and cakes, and resting is the most appropriate things to do in winter vacation.

Now that you have read all the samples in essay on winter vacation listed above, you might have understood how you have to share your ideas on this topic. For more information on such interesting topics, visit our essay writing page and follow Leverage Edu.

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