Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English: Check Samples

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Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English

Letter writing is an important academic activity. As a part of the curriculum, it helps the student improve their writing and communication skills and teaches them how to express thoughts and emotions in a relevant manner. As a part of their schoolwork, students are often asked to write letters on various topics. One such topic is ‘Write a letter to your friend describing the importance of learning English’. Writing a letter on this topic will help the students highlight how English enables effective communication worldwide, boosts their career prospects, and provides access to information and knowledge.

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English: Sample 1

8G-New Hostel
Government School,
Ludhiana – 10098

3 February 2024

Dear Ravi, 

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I wanted to write to you about something that I have been thinking about lately and that is the importance of learning English.

We all know that English is taught to students in schools from a young age as a second language. In my opinion, Ravi, learning English in the classroom is just not enough. We need to learn how to use language fluently if we want to succeed in areas where speaking English plays an important role, for example, communicating across national borders, education, business services, and more.

Furthermore, English also opens up the whole world of entertainment and information for you. You can watch Hollywood movies and TV shows, listen to English music, and read English books. Moreover, remember that this global language helps us connect with people from other parts of India and around the world. It is a language that helps bridge the linguistic gap between people from all across the world. 

We can take an example of job opportunities too. There are so many jobs that require skills of good English. Whether you want to work for a multinational company, want to do a government job or even want to set up your own business, being able to communicate in English matters most. The same reason applies to studying overseas. Proficiency in English is one of the keys to getting admission to a good international university. 

Ravi, I must say that learning English is very important for all of us. Let us try to become fluent not only within the school’s boundaries but in conversational English too. I will be happy to practice English with you whenever we meet up next time. 

With loads of Love,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English: Sample 2

Building Number 23,
Jalapahar, Darjeeling
West Bengal – 734103

11 February, 2024

Dear Abhishek,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. Today I am writing this letter to share my thoughts on the importance of learning English, especially for expanding career opportunities and the possibility of studying and living abroad.

Abhishek, as you know English has become the global language of business, technology, research, education and more. Having good English skills opens several doors for your career without considering where you are living. Multinational national companies prefer candidates who can communicate in English so that they can collaborate with International teams and clients. Even local jobs also require fluency in English.

Whether you want to be a doctor, engineer, businessperson or even a researcher, an excellent skill will give you a competitive advantage. 

Learning English also helps in finding a lucrative job abroad in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore. All these countries use English as their primary language and have a good working culture. Furthermore having advanced knowledge of English can help you secure visas and work permits for thousands of well-paid jobs in the above-mentioned countries. 

Abhishek, a hold over the English language gives us endless possibilities to work with global tech companies situated in Silicon Valley, finance firms in New York City, laboratories in Sydney, and many more.

Beyond employment, English also enables you to immerse completely in other cultures which further helps in expanding your worldview. Also, you can consume books, films, music, and art from English-speaking countries to expand your growth perspectives. 

My friend I suggest you start taking English classes, watch English movies and practice conversation. Set your goal to become fluent in this language to gain international opportunities.
Please let me if you have any other doubts or questions regarding ways of learning English.

I will be happy to practice exercises to improve my English conversation with you anytime. Wishing you the very best in your language-learning journey ahead.

Your Friend,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English: Format

Find the format for the letter to your friend describing the importance of learning English:

[Your Address]


Dear [Friend’s Name],


Warm greeting and inquiry about friend’s well-being.

1. First Paragraph:
Explanation of English as a global language.
Examples of its prevalence in international communication, business, and academia.

2. Second Paragraph:
Emphasis on professional advantages of learning English.
Mention of career opportunities and global job markets.

3. Third Paragraph:
Benefits of English proficiency for travel and cultural exchange.
Personal anecdotes or experiences where English language skills were beneficial.


Summary of key points.
Encouragement for friend to consider learning English.
Offer of support or resources if needed.

[Closing Salutation],
[Your Name]

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English: Sample

 Letter To Your Friend Describing The Importance Of Learning English

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1. What is the importance of learning the English language?

Ans. Learning this language helps in worldwide communication, career opportunities, access to information, entertainment, and cultural exchange.

2. How do you describe learning English?

Ans. It involves studying vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and the other four important skills which include reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

3. Why English is important in India?

Ans. English is important in India due to its historical legacy, its usage in higher studies abroad, and for business and technology use.

4. What are the 4 reasons for language learning?

Ans. The four major reasons for learning a language are communication, jobs, and personal growth and intellectual development. 

5. What is the role of English in our life? 

Ans. English plays an important role in our lives as a language as it is accepted worldwide and is used for education, business, technology and travel. 

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