IIM Short-Term Courses 2023-24: Fees and Duration

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IIM Short-Term Courses

The Indian Institute of Management retains favouritism of numerous candidates who wish to apply for a management degree in the best MBA college. Especially when it comes to applying for a short-term course in the field of management, IIM certifications hold the greatest value. Therefore, every year, many students or working professionals apply for an IIM Short-term course to add to their skill set. 

Hence, this blog article focuses on highlighting the best IIM short-term courses ranging from 1 to 2 months along with their fees and duration to help in the application process. 

Benefits of IIM Short-Term Courses

There are numerous benefits of pursuing a short-term course from the Indian Institute of Management:

  •  Career Advancement: Short-term courses in IIMs can provide you with specialized knowledge and skills that can help you advance your career. These courses are designed to meet the needs of working professionals and can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in your field.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: IIMs are known for their industry-relevant curriculum, and their short-term courses are no exception. These courses are designed by industry experts and cover the latest trends, best practices, and tools used in various fields.
  • Networking Opportunities: Short-term courses in IIMs provide excellent networking opportunities with fellow students, alumni, and industry experts. By participating in these courses, you can build valuable connections that can help you in your career.
  • Flexibility: Short-term courses in IIMs are designed to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals. These courses are typically offered online or on weekends, allowing you to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Recognized Certification: Upon completion of a short-term course in IIM, you will receive a certificate of completion from the institute. This certification is recognized by employers and can help you stand out in a competitive job market. It is also a testament to your commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

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Top 5 IIMs Offering Short-Term Courses

There are a total of 20 Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) that caters for a wide range of management courses, including both long-term and short-term courses. However, the list included henceforth comprises different short-term courses offered by the top 5 IIMs as per the ranking of NIRF 2022. 

IIM Ahmedabad Short-Term Courses

The online short-term courses of IIM Ahmedabad span from 1 week to 1 month. Check the list of courses tabulated below for a clear perspective. 

Name of CourseAverage Annual FeeCourse Duration
Communicating Corporate ReputationINR 80,0003 Weeks
Strategies for GrowthINR 1.20 Lakh1 Month
Logistics ManagementINR 56,00010 Days
HR AnalyticsINR 56,0002 to 3 Weeks
Supply Chain ManagementINR 1.12 Lakh3 Weeks
FintechINR 84,0001 Month
Restaurant Design and ManagementINR 96,0003 Weeks
Enhancing Leadership Capacities Among Professional WomenINR 70,0002-3 Week
AI and Machine Learning for BusinessINR 1.12 Lakh1 Month
Manufacturing StrategyINR 56,0001 Week
Financial Analysis of BusinessINR 1.12 Lakh1 Month
Project ManagementINR 1.12 Lakh3 Weeks
Strategy ImplementationINR 72,0002 Week
Managing IT ProjectsINR 1.12 Lakh3 to 4 Weeks
Strategies for Winning in International MarketsINR 1.04 Lakh3 Weeks
Developing Commercial and Financial SkillsINR 96,0003 Weeks
Warehouse Design and ManagementINR 96,0003 Weeks
Management and Finance for Experienced Chartered AccountantsINR 3.30 Lakh2 Months
Developing Commercial and Financial SkillsINR 96,0001 Month
Managing Strategic AlliancesINR 88,0002 Weeks
Strategic AnalyticsINR 1.29 Lakh1 Month
Leadership and Change ManagementINR 84,0003 Weeks

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IIM Bangalore Short-Term Courses

IIM Bangalore is known to offer short-term courses for working professionals in huge numbers. Check the detailed list of courses and their duration mentioned below. 

Name of CoursesDuration
Brand Management5 weeks
Accounting for Decision-Making6 weeks
Corporate Finance5 weeks
Advanced Corporate Strategy5 weeks
Cooperatives and Producer Companies3 weeks
Banking and Financial Markets6 weeks
Healthcare in India5 weeks
Accounting and Finance9 weeks
Consumer Behaviour6 weeks
Banking & Financial Intermediation6 weeks
Crafting Realities6 weeks
Effective Business Communication6 weeks
Debt & Money Markets5 weeks
Entrepreneurship For Everyone5 weeks
Introduction to Accounting5 weeks
Equity Stock Markets6 weeks
Intellectual Property Rights5 weeks
Foreign Exchange Markets5 weeks
Foundation Of Data Science9 weeks
Customer Relationship Management6 weeks
Innovation and Information Technology Management6 weeks 
Introduction to Investments5 weeks
International Business Environment and Global Strategy3 weeks
Financial Accounting and Analysis5 weeks
Introduction to Banking and Financial Markets5 weeks
Managerial Ethics3 weeks
Introduction to Managerial Economics5 weeks
Organizational Design6 weeks
Introduction to Retail Management6 weeks
New Product Development5 weeks
Infrastructure Development, PPPs, and Regulation6 weeks
People Management for Entrepreneurs6 weeks
Statistics for Business – I7 weeks
Statistics for Business – II7 weeks
Managing Innovation5 weeks
The Essence of Leadership7 weeks
Introduction to Marketing Essentials5 weeks
Operations Management5 weeks
Valuation and Creating Sustainable Value5 weeks
People Management6 weeks
Management Accounting for Decision Making6 weeks
Predictive Analytics7 weeks
Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise5 weeks
Quantitative Marketing Research5 weeks
Marketing Management8 weeks
Platform Business Models5 weeks
Strategic Management5 weeks 

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IIM Kozhikode Short-Term Courses

Candidates can also apply for an online IIM short-term course from the Kozhikode IIM. A list of courses available at the institution is as follows. 

Name of CourseAverage Annual FeeCourse Duration
Certificate Programme in AI & ML for Business ExcellenceINR 1.65 Lakh10 Months
Project Management ProgrammeINR 86,5004 Months
Certificate Programme in Business AnalyticsINR 1.03 Lakh5 Months
Certificate Programme in Senior Management ProgrammeINR 5.00 Lakh12 Months
Advance Operation Management & AnalyticsINR 1.60 Lakh10 Months
Certificate in Advanced Strategic Management ProgrammeINR 2.20 Lakh12 Months
Marketing and Sales ManagementINR 1.60 Lakh12 Months
Advanced-Data Science for ManagersINR 1.85 Lakh10 Months
Certificate Programme in Business ManagementINR 1.73 Lakh12 Months
Certificate Programme in Healthcare Management and AnalyticsINR 1.70 Lakh10 Months
Certificate Programme in Product StrategyINR 1.16 Lakh5 Months
Strategic Human Resource ManagementINR 1.60 Lakh10 Months

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IIM Lucknow Short-Term Courses

Check the courses mentioned in the table below before enrolling on a short-term course at IIM Lucknow. 

Name of CourseAverage Annual FeeDuration
Advanced Program in LeadershipINR 2.50 Lakh9 Months
Marketing StrategyINR 1.85 Lakh7 Months
Business ManagementINR 2.50 Lakh8 Months
Strategic ManagementINR 2.50 Lakh9 Months
Integrated Marketing StrategyINR 1.85 Lakh7 Months

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IIM Indore Short-Term Courses

Ranked high in the list of top 10 IIMs in India, the IIM Indore campuses are known to offer numerous short-term courses tabulated below. 

Name of CourseAverage Annual FeeCourse Duration
Advanced Management Programme for Corporate LeadersINR 3.02 Lakh12 Months
Advanced Human Resource Management Programme for HR LeadersINR 2.52 Lakh11 Months
Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing and StrategyINR 1.75 Lakh11 Months
Certificate Programme in Senior Management ProgrammeINR 5.00 Lakh12 Months
Certificate Programme in Fintech and Financial BlockchainINR 2.03 Lakh8 Months
Certificate Programme in Leadership and Change ManagementINR 1.32 Lakh6 Months
Certificate Programme in Project ManagementINR 1.02 Lakh6 Months
Advanced-Data Science for ManagersINR 1.85 Lakh10 Months
Certificate Programme in Business ManagementINR 1.73 Lakh12 Months
Executive Programme in Marketing and SalesINR 2.57 Lakh12 Months
Certificate Programme in Healthcare Management and AnalyticsINR 1.70 Lakh10 Months
Executive Certificate Programme in Strategy and Leadership for Senior ProfessionalsINR 2.60 Lakh12 Months
Certificate programme in Applied BlockchainINR 1.45 Lakh6 Months
Executive Programme in Advanced Marketing ManagementNA12 Months
Executive Programme in Digital TransformationINR 1.93 Lakh11 Months
Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare ManagementINR 4.12 Lakh12 Months

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IIM Raipur Short-Term Courses

Candidates willing to apply for a short-term course at IIM Raipur can prefer to choose from the following courses before applying. 

Name of CourseAverage Annual FeeCourse Duration
Applied Financial Risk ManagementINR 70,0006 Months
Machine Learning for ManagersINR 75,0005 Months
Advanced Strategic ManagementINR 1.80 Lakh12 Months
Digital MarketingINR 75,0005 Months
Project ManagementINR 75,0006 Months
Digital Finance INR 75,0005 Months
General ManagementINR 1.60 Lakh12 Months
Applied Financial Risk ManagementINR 70,0006 Months
Human Resource ManagementINR 1.55 Lakh12 Months
Digital Marketing and Social Media StrategyINR 75,0005 Months


Does IIM offer courses online?

The IIMs offer online courses in over 30 specializations. To be admitted to online courses offered by IIMs, students do not require a CAT score. Professionals possessing over three to four years of experience will find great value in the IIM Online Courses.

Which IIM course is the best?

PGP/MBA: The flagship curriculum offered by all IIMs is the two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), which is regarded as the equal of conventional MBA programs.

How long does the IIM course last?

MBA Program at IIM Bangalore: Offering three terms a year, the two-year IIM Bangalore PGP program consists of a combination of core and elective courses.

Does IIM accept students without CAT scores?

There are many management courses at IIM that a student can apply for without submitting a CAT scorecard. However, candidates must meet other eligibility criteria to be considered for the applied course. 

This was all about the “IIM Short-Term Courses”. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian examspage.

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