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bachelor of science in operations management

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management is a degree that opens up various career options for professionals in different industries. Operations managers are most frequently employed by the manufacturing sector, but graduates can also find work in the government, education, transportation, science, or military. Most jobs involve managing a particular area of business, such as inventory, quality assurance, or the supply chain. Purchasing, production, or logistics may also fall under the purview of operations managers. Additionally, there are opportunities for students who want to go on to earn a master’s or PhD. There are courses in operations management offered all over the world. 

What is a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management?

The process of managing business operations to achieve the highest level of efficiency is known as operations management. The efficient transformation of materials into goods and services is Operations Management’s primary goal. The term “operations management” refers to the organization, implementation, and supervision of the production of goods as well as the management and maintenance of the management. The experts in this field are responsible for both the management and production of goods and services.

Eligibility Requirements: Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

A minimum cumulative grade of 50% or equivalent from a recognised college or university is required to enrol for a bachelor of science in operations management course.

For Undergraduates

A 10+2 pass in any relevant stream with a minimum of 50% marks or an equivalent is required to enrol in this programme as an undergraduate.  While some colleges and universities have entrance exams, others have merit-based admissions procedures. 

For Postgraduates

The applicant must hold a valid bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% or an equivalent. For the institute or university to admit the candidate, the candidate must succeed in any entrance exams held by the institution. 

Required Skill Set for Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

To function effectively in the workplace, candidates for every profession must possess a specific set of skill sets. The following skill sets are necessary for a bachelor of science in operations management: 

Interpersonal Skills – The abilities we use to interact with those around us on a daily basis are referred to as interpersonal skills. To interact with those within the organization, the candidate needs to have these communication skills. 

Good with Documentation – The candidate must have this ability in order to manage the organization’s documentation work. As documentation is crucial to operations management, he or she must ensure it is current and easily understood by all. 

Leadership Qualities – The candidate should possess the ability to act as a team leader and motivate others to work effectively. As a result, the applicant must have this ability. 

Excellent motivational abilities – They should be able to inspire the team members to work as a unit and ensure that the work is completed on schedule. They ought to be able to motivate the other team members. 

Strong Negotiation Skills – The candidate should be able to negotiate with the other party and the negotiation skills allow the parties to compromise. He or she ought to be able to bargain appropriately. Because mastering this skill is the first step to becoming a skilled negotiator, the candidate should have it.

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Application Process

Students need to go through the following general steps in order to enrol in BSc in Operations Management:

  1. When narrowing down your list of universities and courses, check out the whole curriculum, student testimonials, and overall school ranking. You may also use Leverage Edu’s AI course finder to help you pick the best course for you.
  1. Get in touch with the universities you’ve been shortlisted for to find answers to all of your questions about the programme, the application procedure, the fees, the teaching method, placements, etc.
  1. Make sure to prepare for standardized examinations like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT also other tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
  1. An important component of the application is writing a compelling and original SOP because it carries a lot of weightage. Also, preparing application essays. The student may need to submit essays for admission and research proposals for the MBA and PhD programmes.

Documents Required

To study BSc in Operations Management abroad, you require the documents mentioned below:

Universities for Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Below mentioned are the universities for pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management:

University Name Course Name QS World Ranking Country 
George Mason University Bachelor of Science in Business – Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration #1001 – #1200 Fairfax, USA
Bellingham Technical University Bachelor of Applied Science – Operations Management #1201 – #1400 USA
Clover Park Technical College Bachelor of Applied Science in Operations Management Lakewood, USA
Bucknell University Freeman College of Management Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Analytics & Operations Management Lewisburg, USA
The Catholic University of America Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Strategy & Operations Management #40 Washington, USA
University of York BSc (Hons) in Finance, Operations Research, Management and Statistics #162 York, United Kingdom

Scope of Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

The subject of management and operations are both covered in the course “Operations Management.” By giving people career opportunities, the field’s scope keeps expanding. The planning, coordination, and supervision of production, as well as manufacturing, are all concepts covered in operations management courses. To work in the field concurrently, the candidate must ensure that he or she fully comprehends all course components. Despite not being widely known, the Operations Management course is regarded as one of the best for examining career options. The student is hired as an operations manager and supply chain manager after completing this course. 

Careers in Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

The goal of the operations management course is to familiarize the students with all of its components. The various organizational functions are handled by the students with confidence. In this field, there are numerous career options. This course should be taken by students who are eager to learn about business models, operations, and management. Taking this course opens the door to employment opportunities such as:

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Available Job Profiles for Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Below mentioned are available job profiles after pursuing Bachelor of Science in Operations Management:

Operations Director

Planning and carrying out sales promotion are the Operations Manager’s primary responsibilities. They need to develop plans and raise performance.

Supply Chain Supervisor

The supply chain managers are in charge of tracking and updating logistics. They are expected to oversee operations and work with vendors.

Logistics Director

The duties of the logistic managers are extensive and include maintaining records and managing warehouse inventory. They are expected to work extremely alertly.


The executive team is in charge of implementing the department’s goals, policies, and procedures. They also maintain the efficient operation of the company.

Salary: Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

The candidate’s job profile is used to determine the salary package. Continually changing salaries are determined by the performance of the candidates. The employee’s salary is determined by their overall performance. It varies from one job profile to the next. 


Does operations management have any room for growth?

Operations management encompasses all facets of an organization’s operations, so its scope can be quite broad.

Which is better: operations or finance?

For its lucrative ROI and growth opportunities that are more financial than personal, the finance industry is a perennial favourite among MBA students. Contrarily, operations is more of a backend opportunity with boundless room for growth on a personal, interpersonal, and professional level.

Does operations management have a future?

Operations management will soon have a very broad future. Operations managers use staff, resources, equipment, and technology to manage the production of goods and services.

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