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In India, MBBS is the prerequisite for becoming a doctor. A 6-month internship follows the 5-year MBBS programme. Students can choose from a variety of post-graduate medical courses that will teach them the skills and knowledge necessary for any given medical specialisation. MD and MS are the two most popular Postgraduate medical programmes after MBBS. Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery are the full forms of their respective terms. Both the MD and MS are postgraduate programmes lasting two to three years that concentrate on advanced study in a specific area. After completing their MBBS, students can choose from a variety of fellowship programmes, including those in cardiology, diabetes, gynaecology & obstetrics, paediatrics, family medicine, infectious diseases, and advanced critical care.

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List of Short-Term Courses after MBBS

Students who want to take their studies to the next level after pursuing MBBS can start pursuing additional certifications. Also, pursuing further specifications in related fields with help students in developing new skills and will also increase their knowledge by providing extensive experience. Below mentioned are some short-term courses after MBBS:

Certificate Course in Radiology

Students who plan to pursue a short-term course after MBBS in the certificate in radiology will develop the necessary skills to work in the field of medicine. This will further enhance their communication skills, technical knowledge and interpersonal skills which will help them both professionally and personally. After completion of this course, you can work in employment areas as a professional radiologist and can work with healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, private offices and also care facilities.

Duration6 months
Job ProfileRadiology Technician, Radiology Assistant, Radiology Nurse
Average Salary2.3 Lakh Per Annum

Certificate in Early Detection of Cancer

Anyone who wishes to strengthen their ability to have cancer and health conversations, whether personally or professionally, should attend this programme. People who are interested in learning more about the causes of cancer, the importance of early detection, and how to promote cancer prevention and screening will find it very useful. This short-term course after MBBS provides rewarding opportunities.

Duration3 weeks to 1 month
Job ProfileCancer Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, Cancer Biology Employee
Average Salary1 Lakh per annum

Certificate in Medical Records Management

The short-term course after the MBBS in certification program’s major objective is to aware students of kinds of health data and educate them about how to manage various kinds of health data. Additionally, teaching them to categorise and analyse medical records while ensuring compliance with legislation. Another important objective is to teach students how to make reports, and guarantee data correctness. Students are instructed on how to analyse data and determine whether the medical care given to patients is appropriate.

Duration6 – 9 months
Job ProfileMedical Record Technician, Medical Record Manager
Average Salary2 – 6 Lakh Per Annum

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Certificate in Medical Imaging

In a patient’s course of treatment, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasound scans are all crucial. After pursuing this course in Certificate in Medical Imaging, students will be able to interpret radiological scans. Whereas if we talk about undergraduate medical curriculum there is a lack of appropriate knowledge in the field of radiography. The Certificate in Medical Imaging course will provide students with an understanding of diagnostic imaging by covering topics such as ultrasound, imaging modalities, breast, and sectional imaging (CT and MRI). A certificate in Medical Imaging is one of the best courses that students can pursue as a short-term course after MBBS.

Duration4 months
Job ProfileRadiation Therapist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Radiologic Technologist
Average Salary10 lakh Per Annum

Certificate in Biosensors

Biosensors are instruments that measure the concentration or presence of biological analytes in the environment, such as biomolecules, biological structures, or microorganisms. A biosensor consists of an element that recognises the analyte and produces a signal, a signal transducer, and a reader device. Certificate course in Biosensors provides an overview of the field of biosensors by offering in-depth knowledge of performance analysis and device design. Various themes covered in this course are bioprocessing, biosecurity applications, biomedical, food safety and environmental. A summary of the current state of the art is provided in order to continue developing and creating better biosensors

Duration2 years
Job ProfileBiosensor Developer, Biosensor Integration Engineer
Average Salary4 – 6 lakh per annum

Certificate in Digital Health

The subject of digital health is covered in this course, along with its fundamental ideas and terminologies. The usage and implementation of digital health in the COVID-19 response is a case study that demonstrates how the various forms of digital health technology can be used to address the important aspects of the virus’s global response.

Duration4 weeks
Job ProfileTelehealth Nurse, Quality Assurance Officer (Telemedicine)
Average Salary6 Lakh Per Annum

Certificate Course in ECG Interpretation

The ability to quickly and accurately read a 12-lead ECG is essential for a variety of healthcare professionals in both routine and emergency patient care. The Certificate Course in ECG Interpretation was developed to give students a high degree of expertise in ECG interpretation and to help them identify a variety of clinical problems.

Duration2 – 3 months
Job ProfileECG Analyst, Physician Assistant, ECG Technician
Average Salary7-11 Lakh per annum

Certificate in Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine is undergoing a revolution thanks to stem cells, which are providing medical professionals with fresh hope for curing diseases that were once considered incurable. Thanks to developing technology and interdisciplinary research networks, cell biology is gradually and steadily revealing the potential of stem cells each day. In-depth information about stem cells, the technology used in research, how they are used for medical purposes, the ethical concerns that have emerged, and what the future of stem cell research holds will all be covered in this course.

Duration1 month
Job ProfileStem Cell Therapist, Stem Cell Biologist, Stem Cell Researcher
Average Salary12 – 30 Lakh

Certificate in Immuno Technology

The goal of this specialisation is to give students a working knowledge of immunology’s core concepts and language. The goal is to equip students from a variety of backgrounds with a fundamental understanding of immunology as well as the ability to evaluate and assess recent advances in immunological therapies intended for the treatment of disease.

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Other Short-Term Courses After MBBS

  • Training in Occupational Health
  • Basic Life Support
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Postgraduate Certificate Course in Critical Care
  • Diabetes Management
  • PGDCC (Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology)
  • Post-Graduation Certificate Course in Emergency Service


Q1. After an MBBS, which courses are best?

Ans. The top post-MBBS programmes are the MD (Doctor of Medicine), MHA, MTech in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences, MS in Clinical Pathology, MPH, and diploma programmes in paediatrics, psychology, occupational health, sports medicine, etc.

Q2. Can I start a clinic after receiving my medical degree?

Ans. After completing your MBBS and Internship, you can register with the Medical Council of India to start a private clinic or practise anywhere you like. To learn more about your options after earning your MBBS, you may also want to read the article below.

Q3. Which MBBS speciality pays the most?

Ans. The highest-paid doctors are surgeons and anesthesiologists.

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