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Home Management in India

Home Management refers to the maintenance and management of a home. It covers the duties and responsibilities of a homemaker. This aspect of home maintenance and leadership extends to meal planning, scheduling, family events, errands, and management of personal funds. Nowadays home management is not confined to the matriarchs of the house but extends to professionals who deal with clients’ personal funds. Sounds interesting? Continue reading this blog to know more!

Study of Home Management

Several certificate, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in this domain are available in India. All these courses help individuals conserve and manage their homes. Additionally, home budgeting is a quintessential part of this course, as it helps homemakers or home managers in balancing their income and expenses.

In the subsequent sections, one can know about different colleges, courses, and eligibility criteria for each programme level.

Colleges and Courses for Home Management in India

This table lists the colleges, courses, and course tenure of different programmes. 

CollegesCoursesCourse TenureLocation
St. Teresas CollegeMSc Home Management2 yearsKerala
Maharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaMSc Home Management2 yearsGujarat
Dr Virambhai Godhaniya College of Arts, Commerce, Home Science and Information Technology for GirlsBSc in Home Management3 yearsGujarat
Sri Sarada Niketan College of Science for WomenCertificate in Home Management1 yearTamil Nadu
Dr Subhash Mahila Arts, Commerce and Home Science CollegeBSc in Home Management3 yearsGujarat
Punjab UniversityBA Home Management3 yearsPunjab
Dr NGP Arts and Science CollegeBA Home Management3 yearsCoimbatore

Eligibility Criteria

Admission requirement or eligibility criteria of each course is different. Here are the minimum requirements for admission to each programme level.

BA or BSc MSc HomeCertificate
Student must have completed 10+2 from an accredited educational institution/ school/college.Candidate must have passed Class 12 board or an equivalent examination.Student must have completed a bachelor’s course. An individual should have qualified 10+2. 

Home Management Principles

Given below is the list of principles that helps homemakers and caretakers manage and maintain a household. All these principles focus on maintaining harmony and delegating chores to everyone. By doing so, home managers aim to create a home as a safe and comfortable place. 


Home is a synonym for comfort because it is designed according to our convenience and houses all our requirements. This convenient space called home provides physical, social, emotional, and mental comfort to the inhabitants. The feeling of ownership gives a sigh of relief and reassurance, which often exudes positivity and optimism that is conducive to the mental and emotional growth of the homeowner. 


Residing in an uncluttered and hygienic house is an act of self-care. Cleanliness inspires creativity and attracts happiness. A clean physical environment promotes physical health, attracts guests, lowers stress levels, saves time, gives a sense of accomplishment, and enhances productivity. 


Home is a safe space as it provides a sense of physical safety, mental and emotional safety, and moral and spiritual safety. This safety is not only confined to the inhabitants but visitors as well. A sense of security owing to the presence of family members helps an individual sleep peacefully and lead a stress-free life. 


It is inclusive of spiritual, physical, and mental health. For wholesome growth, one must take care of all these aspects. It comprises activities like mental and physical work out, self-control by avoiding situations and people that take a toll on mental health, and maintenance of a tolerant and peaceful environment. 


This Home Management principle is a summation of organisation, comfort, functionality, and simplicity. Simplicity in the organisation of home products and personal belongings eases the life of family members. Each member can contribute to increasing efficiency and simplifying living by using viable products and placing them wherever it comes in handy. 


Decluttering and arrangement are a reflection of self-control, organisational skills, self-discipline, thoughtfulness, and communication. The orderly arrangement makes one responsible and disciplined in daily life. This also gives a sense of cooperation and controlled living. 

Economy and Efficiency

Economy at any level of an organisation refers to the efficient and cautious use of monetary resources. It is also about the judicious use of time and other resources. Focus on sustainability is also an imperative component of this principle. 


Balance in Home Management is all about practising and executing daily life activities with a balanced overview. Act of balancing at home refers to the avoidance of inconsistency, imposition of one’s thoughts, neglect of fellow home dwellers, over-commitment, and display of unnecessary anger. Family members should be receptive to each other thoughts and prioritize important and appropriate needs and requirements.


This principle is an amalgamation of honesty, reliability, individuality, modesty, simplicity, and authenticity. Other attributes of this principle include diligence, excellence, purpose, quality in lifestyle and behaviour toward fellow home members. In addition, family members should be loyal and faithful to each other while criticising and respecting each other.


Management is often perceived as boundaries and restrictions but is a misconception. Each home needs order and discipline but these principles must not compromise with the freedom of an individual. Freedom is inclusive of comfort, flexibility, independence, individuality, tolerance, a relaxed attitude, and peacefulness. Freedom at home refers to emancipation from clutter, chaos, anxiety, and insecurity. 


Simple living means escaping from unnecessary complexity, unwanted clutter, over-stimulation, and distractions. Simplicity is about leading an uncomplicated life while living a peaceful life which has integrity and freedom. 

Home Management Skills

Here are some helpful skills for creating and running a simple household.  

Types of Home Management

For running a smooth home, it is important to not burden an individual with all the chores and responsibilities. Automation, Scheduling, and Delegation are keys to the smooth running of a household. 

Here is a list of different types of home management which can make an individual create a custom action plan for maintaining his/her/their home.

  • Dusting
  • Laundry
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Organisation
  • Calendar preparation
  • Pet Care
  • Chore distribution
  • Planing school and extracurricular activities of kids.
  • Financial planning
  • Family activities
  • Shopping
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Document organisation and maintenance.
  • Home decor

Salary of a Home Manager

A home manager or a house manager in India gets an average salary of INR 6 lakh per annum. The estimated salary range of this professional is somewhere between INR 0.7 lakh to INR 16.8 lakh per annum.

Home Management Books

Books are warehouses of knowledge and help homemakers transform their abode. Given below is the list of books containing various tricks and tips beneficial for running a home. 

TitlesAuthorsPublication Houses
Sidetracked Home ExecutivesPam YoungBalance
Cozy Minimalist HomeFumio SasakiWani Books
Organised SimplicityTsh OxenreiderPenguin
Goodbye ThingsFumio SasakiWW and Company, Norton
Orfder Order, Inner CalmGretchen RubinHarmony
The Gentle Art of Swedish Death CleaningMargareta MagnussonSimon and Schuster
Declutter like a MotherAllie CasazzaNelson, Thomas, Inc.
Say Goodbye to Survival ModeCrystal PaineAudible
How to Keep a House while Drowning KC DavisSimon Element
Getting Things DoneDavid AllenPenguin Books
Large Family LogisticsKim BrennemanVision Forum, Inc.
Skin ReflectionsMarla CilleyFlylady Press
Kurashi at HomeMarie KondoTen Speed Press
The Clutter ConnectionJonna GainesHarperCollins
Clean My SpaceMelissa MakerPenguin Books
Zero Waste HomeBea JohnsonScribner
One Bit at a TimeTsh OxenreiderPenguin
Eat That Frog!Brian TracyBerrett Koehler
The Messies ManualSandra Felton Revell


What is the importance of Home Management?

This domain helps homemakers and home managers to meal planning, scheduling, family events, errands, and management of personal funds.

What is meant by Home Management?

Home Management refers to the maintenance and management of a home. It covers the duties and responsibilities of a homemaker or a home manager.

Which colleges offer Home Management courses?

Courses in this academic domain are available at Dr Subhash Mahila Arts, Commerce and Home Science College; Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda; and Sri Sarada Niketan College of Science for Women.

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