CAT VARC Syllabus: Preparation Tips, Previous Year Question Papers & More

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CAT VARC Syllabus

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) is one section in the CAT exam which requires a lot of preparation and cannot be mastered overnight. One cannot crack it just by mesmerising formulas like that is done for the Quantitative Aptitude or by solving puzzle series like Logical Reasoning. The only key to cracking the CAT VARC section in the MBA entrance exam is long-term planning, developing a reading habit and consistent practice of previous question papers. To know more details on how to get high scores in the CAT VARC section, continue reading this blog. 

VARC Section Time Limit40 Minutes for VARC Section
Exam LevelNational Level
Exam PatternComputer-Based Test with MCQs
Number of Questions21
Total Marks72
Exam MediumEnglish
Number of Exam Cities155
Exam FrequencyOnce a year

CAT VARC Syllabus 2024

All candidates preparing for the CAT exam should note that Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) is the first section that is there in the CAT question paper. Therefore, all candidates need to be well-prepared and solve the same in 40 minutes. This section is divided into two sub-parts: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. Below is the entire syllabus for the CAT VARC section.

Fill in the blanksVerbal logicPara completion and inference
Reading comprehensionAnalogiesOne word substitution
AntonymsJumbled paragraphsIdioms
SyllogismsGrammarTypes of clauses
Parts of speechArticles usageForeign language words used in English

Best Books for CAT VARC Section

Here are some of the best books for the CAT VARC section which you can refer to that will help you prepare for this section.

Book Name Author Name
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningRS Agarwal – S.Chand Publishers
30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Mass Market PaperbackWilfred Funk & Norman Lewis/ Simon & Schuster
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma – TMH Publishers
Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis

CAT VARC Section: Previous Year Questions with Answers

To help you test your knowledge, here is a previous year’s question paper for the CAT VARC section which will help you. Check out the paper.

CAT VARC Previous Year Question Paper

CAT VARC Preparation Tips for 2024 

To prepare for the CAT VARC section, the candidate needs to be equipped with all the necessary tips and tricks to crack this particular section. By going through the same, one will get a basic idea of what they should work to be able to get on the top. Below are some suggestions on how one can crack the VARC section in the CAT exam paper. 

  • Develop Reading Habit: Questions in the VARC section are extensively based on reading comprehension. Therefore, it is a must for all candidates to develop a reading habit from a very early age to be able to crack this section. 
  • Focus on Vocabulary: The VARC section in the CAT paper is where one’s vocabulary is tested. The candidate needs to expand their English grammar knowledge to be able to use proper words in the exam. This can only be done through reading. 
  • Time Management: The VARC section in the CAT exam is time-bound, meaning it is crucial for the candidate to manage their time and at the same time give their best. Candidates must learn the art of managing time so that they complete the question paper/section in the given period. 
  • Practice Mock Tests: Finally, all candidates should practice by constantly testing their knowledge by practising and getting familiar with the exam pattern.  

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Is the CAT VARC section tough to crack?

The toughness of the CAT VARC or any section for that matter is not predictable. Every year, the difficulty level of the overall paper changes. However, the CAT VARC section contains 24 questions. The VARC section is divided into two sub-parts: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.

Is the CAT exam tougher to crack?

As compared to other management exams, the CAT entrance exam is on a bit tougher side to clear. Candidates are expected to prepare a proper exam strategy to be able to crack this paper.

Can I crack CAT in 1 month?

It is hard to crack the CAT paper in 1 month. Candidates are required to prepare a proper exam strategy to be able to clear this exam.

This was all about the “VARC syllabus for CAT exam”. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our Indian exams page.

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