Best DILR Book for CAT 2024 Preparation

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Are you in search of the best DILR books for CAT preparation? Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) is one of the most essential sections in the CAT question paper, and if a candidate prepared well then it is scoring too. There are numerous DILR books for CAT available in the market for students. However, you should always try to pick the books suggested by experts and toppers. In this article, we have provided a list of highly recommended CAT preparation books that you can follow to prepare the Logical Reasoning sections and Data Interpretation sections and get the best percentile in the examination.

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List of Best DILR Books for CAT 2024

The below table shows the list of books that can help you prepare for the CAT DILR section effectively. All these books have a track record of being followed by toppers and experts in the CAT examination.

Name of the Books
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CATHow To Prepare For The Data Interpretation And Logical ReasoningData Interpretation & Data Sufficiency for CA
Authors or PublishersNishit K. Sinha – Pearson PublicationArun Sharma – TMH PublicationThis book consists of descriptive diagrams, flowcharts, and tables
DetailsThis book includes the most fundamental conceptsAnanta AshishThis book consists of chapter-wise exercises which is useful for topic-wise conceptual clarity.

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Topics Covered in the Best Book for CAT DILR Section

There are levels of DILR questions in XAT, CAT, and IIFT and most of the MBA entrance exams are medium to tough. The students should study the topic from the CAT DILR Books. In the below table, some important topics have been covered for your reference.

TablesScatter Plots
Venn DiagramsCharts (Radar, Line, Bubble, Pie)
Graphs (Column, Bar)Routes and Networks
Data Caselets – Reasoning-Based DITeam Formation
ArrangementsGames and Tournaments
Order, RankingBinary Logic

Note that there is no official CAT Syllabus announced by the exam conducting body. So, the DILR topics are not limited to the above-mentioned chapters.

How to Choose the Best DILR Books for CAT Prepare?

Every candidate finds it challenging to choose the ideal books for DILR CAT. As a result, choosing the best way to pass this section with a high CAT percentile may be a little challenging for the applicants. Therefore, go through the following suggestions that should be kept in mind when you are choosing CAT DILR books.

  • The bookstore has a wide selection of books. But for CAT preparation, pick books where every chapter of VARC has been organised according to a well-thought-out format.
  • Choose books with specific language since it encourages better abstract understanding.
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What is the structure of the CAT DILR exam paper?

The structure of DILR is formed of 20 questions with both DI and LR containing 10 questions each. The difficulty level will be medium to high in the CAT exam 2024. 

How can my CAT DILR score be improved?

To improve your CAT DILR score, get habituated to spending 4-5 minutes reading via all of selecting the few sets and DILR’s questions that can be cracked quickly. Choose 1-2 sets that are easy to solve first, and then progress to more complex sets. 

What is the correct approach for the DILR section?

The DILR section affects lots of calculations. You need to create accuracy of calculations and speed. Occasionally the calculations are confusing and you just need to know the correct approach.

This was all about the best DILR book for CAT. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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