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Questions of Analogies Reasoning with Answers

Having questions of Analogies reasoning with answers to practice is nothing less than an advantage for the students of various upcoming government exams. It assesses your ability to identify relationships between words and apply them logically. In this article, we’ll explore different types of analogies, provide instructions to solve them effectively, and present 50+ sample questions with answers to help you master this skill.

50+ Questions of Analogies Reasoning with Answers 📝

Apple is to Fruit as Carrot is to ___.

Answer: Vegetable

Book is to Read as Fork is to ___.

Book is to Read as Fork is to ___.
Answer: Eat

Day is to Night as Up is to ___.

Answer: Down

Cat is to Kitten as Dog is to ___.

Answer: Puppy

Circle is to Round as Square is to ___.

Answer: Square

3 is to 9 as 4 is to ___.

Answer: 16

AB is to XY as CD is to ___.

Answer: WZ

AC is to EG as DF is to ___.

Answer: HJ

A is to B as 1 is to ___.

Answer: 2

is to Multiply as / is to ___.

Answer: Divide

Ocean is to Water as Forest is to ___.

Answer: Trees

Moon is to Night as Sun is to ___.

Answer: Day

Hand is to Fingers as Foot is to ___.

Answer: Toes

Red is to Color as Circle is to ___.

Answer: Shape

Doctor is to Hospital as Teacher is to ___.

Answer: School

Paper is to Pen as Canvas is to ___.

Answer: Brush

Fish is to Water as Bird is to ___.

Answer: Air

Horse is to Stable as Lion is to ___.

Answer: Den

Flower is to Fragrance as Music is to ___.

Answer: Melody

Detective is to Clues as Scientist is to ___.

Answer: Experiments

Laugh is to Joy as Cry is to ___.

Answer: Sorrow

North is to South as East is to ___.

Answer: West

Tall is to Short as Wide is to ___.

Answer: Narrow

Antonym is to Synonym as Negative is to ___.

Answer: Positive

Earthquake is to Tremor as Hurricane is to ___.

Answer: Wind

Alphabet is to Letters as Calendar is to ___.

Answer: Months

Clock is to Time as Thermometer is to ___.

Answer: Temperature

Piano is to Music as Brush is to ___.

Answer: Painting

Oxygen is to Respiration as Food is to ___.

Answer: Nutrition

Red is to Stop as Green is to ___.

Answer: Go

Water is to Ice as Steam is to ___.

Answer: Vapor

Doctor is to Patient as Lawyer is to ___.

Answer: Client

Hammer is to Nail as Needle is to ___.

Answer: Thread

Needle is to Sewing as Pencil is to ___.

Answer: Writing

Dog is to Bark as Cat is to ___.

Answer: Meow

Athlete is to Sports as Actor is to ___.

Answer: Entertainment

Moon is to Satellite as Earth is to ___.

Answer: Planet

Earth is to Solar System as Body is to ___.

Answer: Organs

Bark is to Tree as Skin is to ___.

Answer: Body

Sail is to Boat as Wing is to ___.

Answer: Bird

Whisper is to Speak as Crawl is to ___.

Answer: Walk

Key is to Lock as Password is to ___.

Answer: Account

Seed is to Plant as Egg is to ___.

Answer: Bird

Fire is to Hot as Ice is to ___.

Answer: Cold

Sun is to Day as Moon is to ___.

Answer: Night

Bridge is to River as Tunnel is to ___.

Answer: Mountain

Cloud is to Sky as Fish is to ___.

Answer: Water

Author is to Book as Artist is to ___.

Answer: Painting

Mountain is to Valley as Hill is to ___.

Answer: Slope

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Types of Analogies

Analogies can be categorized into several types, including:

  1. Word Analogies: These involve finding the relationship between two pairs of words and applying the same logic to a new pair.
  2. Number Analogies: Here, you establish relationships between numbers and use them to find the missing number in a given pair.
  3. Letter Analogies: These analogies require understanding the pattern or rule applied to letters and applying it to a new set of letters.
  4. Symbol Analogies: Similar to letter analogies, symbol analogies involve identifying patterns among symbols and extending them to solve the analogy.

Tips to Solve Questions of Analogies Reasoning ✍️

To effectively solve analogies reasoning questions, follow these steps:

  1. Analyze the Relationship: Carefully study the relationship between the words, numbers, letters, or symbols in the given pair. Determine how the first pair relates to the second.
  2. Apply the Relationship: Once you’ve identified the relationship, apply it to the new pair to predict the missing element.
  3. Eliminate Options: Review the answer choices and eliminate those that do not fit the established relationship.
  4. Check for Consistency: Ensure that the relationship holds true for all elements in the pair.
  5. Practice Regularly: Practice is key to improving your analogical reasoning skills. The more you practice, the better you become at recognizing patterns and relationships.

Analogies reasoning is a crucial skill for competitive exams. It helps assess your ability to recognize patterns and relationships, making it a valuable asset in various fields. Practice regularly for success.

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