Tips to Ace General English Section of SNAP Exam

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Tips to Ace General English Section of SNAP Exam

Candidates preparing for the Symbiosis National Aptitude Online Test must follow certain tips which will help them ace the General English section of the SNAP exam. The General English section is important in the SNAP exam from which 15 questions come in the examination. Each question is of 1 mark so the total weightage of the section is 15 marks. It is an objective type test that is conducted in the computer-based mode. The difficulty level of the General English section varies from easy to moderate. To know more about how you can crack this section with some tips that we have mentioned, continue reading this blog post.

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Preparation Tips To Ace General English Section

Acing the General English section in the SNAP exam requires lots of practice and understanding of each topic. The questions present in the section check your knowledge of the subject and how well you can solve questions related to it. Here are some preparation tips to ace the General English section that candidates can follow:


Reading newspapers, novels, magazines etc. is the best habit that you can follow to ace the General English section. You must give one hour daily to reading as it will enhance your vocabulary and help you use different English words in a sentence. Additionally, it will help in knowing about unknown words and phrases. It creates a reading habit that is good when you want to excel in the General English section. 

Boosting the Vocabulary

Candidates can boost their vocabulary by reading the books and practising the questions. The “High School English Grammar & Composition” by Wren and Martin, and Word Power Made Easy by Normal Lewis are the books you can study to improve several topics related to English Grammar. It provides an easy understanding of the words making their meaning and usage clear to the students. Additionally, students must make proper notes of whatever they are studying and revise them daily. 

Improve Your Basics

The improvement of the basics is necessary when you are preparing the General English section. Start by studying some basic chapters of English Grammar and advance your level with time. You can start by preparing nouns, prepositions, verbs, adjectives, articles etc. Additionally, studying other basic topics and improving every day will help you prepare for the SNAP examination. 


Practice is the key in the General English section as it will help you to understand the concepts well. Read suitable books that are required for the section to score well. The section contains mixed questions from English grammar and verbal reasoning. Syllogism questions in the section require practice as they have different types of statements and conclusions whose relations are given.

Solve Questions You Know

Only solve questions you know well, don’t attempt the ones which are difficult or lengthy as there is negative marking. In the reading comprehension types questions you must read the passage two or three times carefully as it will help you to solve the questions properly and correctly. 

Solving The PYQ and Model Test Papers

Solve as many previous year’s questions and model test papers to get an understanding of the SNAP exam pattern. It helps in giving the idea about the type of questions you are going to face in the examination. You can also solve the model test papers to test your knowledge. Solving the model test papers gives one an idea about the latest exam pattern and the questions one will face. In this section, there are 15 questions which you have to solve in 15 minutes. 

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SNAP General English Section Syllabus 2024

Candidates who want to add to crack their SNAP score with ease should prepare the General English section well. In this section, the questions mainly consist of English grammar topics. If you want to ace the General English section of the SNAP exam then you should know about its syllabus first. Therefore, here is the syllabus of the General English section for 2024 that you need to know about. 

                                    Syllabus for General English Section 2024
Sentence CorrectionIdioms
General grammarVocabulary
Sentence CompletionSyllogisms
Fill in the blanksAnalogies
Word UsageReading Comprehension
ArticlesOne Word Substitution
Odd one outJumbled Paragraphs

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Best Books to Ace General English Section of SNAP Exam

If you want to ace the General English section in the SNAP exam then you need some of the best books that can help you do it. The best books should have all the topics related to the subject in a detailed way and be easy to understand. It will help the learners to understand each concept well and use them to solve questions during the examination. 

Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma
English Grammar and CompositionWren and Martin
30 Days to a More Powerful VocabularyNorman Lewis

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What are the tips to ace the General English Section of the SNAP Exam?

For the General English section, you can avoid reading fast and practice by reading newspapers, magazines, books etc. 

How to crack the SNAP exam?

The SNAP exam can be cracked if you properly follow the strategy and cover the entire syllabus within the timeframe. It is important to solve the previous year’s questions along with solving the model test papers. 

How many questions are there in the General English section of the SNAP exam?

There are 15 questions in the General English section of the SNAP exam which you have to solve in 15 minutes.

How can I improve my English vocabulary for SNAP?

You can improve your English vocabulary for the SNAP exam through resources available on various apps and websites such as, WordUp, Memrise, Quizlet etc. 

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