IERT Exam Syllabus 2023: Subject-wise Syllabus

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IERT Exam Syllabus

Every year, the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology conducts an IERT entrance examination for enrolling students on its 3-year Engineering/Technology, Management Diploma and Post Management diploma programs. To prepare for the examination effectively, the applicants are required to keep a tab on the exam pattern, and the syllabus of the exam. This blog gives a deep insight into the exam syllabus and the exam pattern.

Exam NameInstitute of Engineering and Rural Technology Exam
Conducting BodyInstitute of Engineering and Rural Technology 
Exam LevelState Level
Application ModeOnline 

IERT Exam Syllabus 2023

The official website has now released the latest updates on the IERT exam syllabus. Refer to the table below for a detailed list of topics in each of the subjects in the entrance exam. 

MathematicsSimple & Compound interest.Work-time and speed-timeBank deposits and payments in instalments, taxation. Percentage, Profit, Loss & Discount.Ratio, Proportion & Mixture.Importance of statistics and its usefulness.Classification of data frequency distribution, cumulative frequency. Graphical representation of statistical data, bar chart, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curves, cumulative frequency curve and graphical representation, pie diagramMeasures of Central Tendency- Mean, Median & Mode. Measures of Dispersion – Range, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation & Variance.BRANumber System-Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers, Even Numbers, Odd Numbers, Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Real Numbers, Prime Numbers, Twin Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers and their characteristics.Laws of Indices, Surds & Simplification.Square Roots & Cube Roots.
PhysicsFundamental units: Fundamental quantities, S.I. system of fundamental units, standard meter, standard kilograms, standard second, micron, Angstrom & light years, derived units. Measurements of small length: Principal of vernier callipers & screw gauge and its applications, the limit of accuracy of measurement, significant figures. Elementary Knowledge of Vectors.Distance & displacement, speed & velocity, representation of a vector, the addition of vectors (triangle & polygon method-only force diagram).Acceleration Equation of motion under gravity (straight line).Laws of Motion – Newton’s law of motion, the first law, the second law of motion (force mass acceleration), a unit of force (Newton & Kilogram weight), the law of conservation of momentum, the third law of motion.Moment of Force – Moment of force and its unit, principal of moments, equilibrium of a body under the system of parallel forces, centre of gravity, condition of stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium.
ChemistryScience & scientific method, the definition of chemistry, branches of chemistry and importance of chemistry in the modern age. Matter and its three physical states & deviation based on molecular kinetic theory. Atom, molecule and laws of chemical combination (Statement and examples).Atomic structure, nuclear proton, neutron, atomic mass unit, electrons and their orbits (Atomic no. & isotopes). Introduction of radioactivity and nuclear energy. Valency- elctrovalency and co-valency. Symbol, formula, chemical equation, and balancing of simple chemical equations.Gas laws – Boyel’s laws, Charles’s law, and gas equation; Gay-lussac’s law of gaseous volumes, Dalton’s law of partial pressure and Grahm’s law of diffusion.Avogadro’s Hypothesis and its Importance.Atomic weight, molecular weight & equivalent weight. Examples and methods of their determinations (for molecular weight only Victor Meyer’s and Hoffman’s method).
Management ExamEnglish & Hindi ComprehensionGeneral KnowledgeSimple ArithmeticAlgebraGeneral awareness of Geography, EconomicsHistory and Commerce up to Intermediate standard.
Diploma In Computer ApplicationGeneral EnglishGeneral KnowledgeNumerical abilityReasoning & General Awareness in Physics and Maths.

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IERT Exam Pattern 2023

Apart from the syllabus, candidates should keep a check on the exam pattern. Along with the entrance examination, candidates have to appear for the interview for selection of the candidates.

Exam ParticularsDetails
Exam ModeOffline
Type of QuestionsMCQ Based
Number of Questions75
Duration of Exam3 hours
Negative Marking1 mark
Maximum Marks300
Weightage of Each Question4 marks

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What are the total marks in the IERT entrance exam?

The total marks in the IERT entrance exam are 300. 

Is there any negative marking in the IERT entrance examination?

Yes, there is a negative marking in the IERT entrance examination. The candidate will get a deduction of 1 mark each for every wrong answer in the result.

What is the subject of the IERT entrance examination?

There are a number of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Numerical Ability. 

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