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Essential Part Questions

Logical reasoning plays an important role in multiple competitive exams. If you have the skill to master the solutions for logical reasoning for Competitive Exams, you will be able to secure a big chunk of marks for you. In this blog, we will learn some tips to master the solution to this section including the Essential Part Questions. Along with that, we will also add some questions that will help you kick-start your practice session today.

Venn Diagrams Reasoning Questions are asked in exams like:

  1. UPSC
  2. RBI
  3. SSC
  4. SBI PO
  5. SBI Clerk
  6. IBPS PO
  7. IBPS Clerk

Tips to Solve Essential Part Reasoning Questions 

Here are some tips that a candidate must keep in mind while solving the Venn Diagrams reasoning questions:

  1. Make sure you read the question carefully and check the options available once again.
  2. Keep practising the multiple-choice questions through different online tests available.
  3. If there is a negative mark in the exam, the candidates have to carefully attempt the exam.
  4. Try breaking down the questions into parts and make sure to attempt all the questions this way.

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20+ Questions of Essential Part Reasoning and Answers 

Each of the following questions contains a word followed by answer choices. You have to choose the word which is the most essential part of the given word.

1) Knowledge

A) Teacher 

B) Wisdom 

C) Learning 

D) Power

ANSWER: C) Learning

2) Dullness

A) Failure 

B) Fever 

C) Loneliness 

D) None of these

3) Writing

A) Author 

B) Novel 

C) Pen 

D) Skills


4) Painting

A) Books 

B) Pictures 

C) Colors 

D) Canvas

ANSWER: C) Colors

5) Reward

A) Student 

B) Cash 

C) Sponsorship 

D) None of these

ANSWER: D) None of these

6) College

A) Projects 

B) Knowledge 

C) Professor 

D) Canteen

ANSWER: C) Professor

7) Song

A) Guitar 

B) Band 

C) Tune 

D) Percussions


8) Temple

A) God 

B) Priest 

C) Flowers 

D) Offerings


9) Pain

A) Burn 

B) Hurt 

C) Accident 

D) Cry


10) Food

A) Grains 

B) Utensils 

C) Method 

D) Microwave Oven

ANSWER: C) Method

11) Job

A) Graduation B) Power C) Computer D) None of these

ANSWER: D) None of these

12) Shop

A) Labour 

B) Goods 

C) Both A & B 

D) None of these

ANSWER: B) Goods

13) Restaurant

A) Air-conditioner 

B) Ambience 

C) Rent 

D) None of these

ANSWER: D) None of these

14) Chocolates

A) Moulds 

B) Cocoa powder 

C) Nuts 

D) All of these

ANSWER: B) Cocoa powder

15) Country

A) Corruption 

B) Law and order 

C) Poverty 

D) Democracy

ANSWER: B) Law and order

16) Juice

A) Fruit pulp 

B) Grinder 

C) Sugar 

D) Ice

ANSWER: A) Fruit pulp

17) Business

A) Contract 

B) Capital 

C) Goods 

D) Firm

ANSWER: B) Capital

18) Antique

A) Museum 

B) Precious 

C) Rarest 

D) None of these

ANSWER: D) None of these

19) Doctor

A) Hospital 

B) MBBS Degree 

C) Nurse 

D) None of these


20) Marriage

A) Ring 

B) Temple 

C) Same caste 

D) None of these

ANSWER: D) None of these


How can I crack the reasoning part of a competitive exam?

There are a lot of ways and strategies to crack the reasoning part of a competitive exam such as managing time, keeping track of their progress, and using practice papers.

What are the types of questions in Reasoning ability?

The types of questions asked in reasoning ability are analytical and verbal type of questions.

What is one of the most important part of language?

One if the most important part of language is Words.

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