Who was the Founder of the Sayyid Dynasty?

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Khizr Khan was the founder of the Sayyid Dynasty in 1414 A.D. This dynasty ended with the rule of Ala-ud-din Shah in 1451 A.D. The leaders of the Sayyid Dynasty were as follows

  • Khizr Khan (1414- 1421 A.D.)
  • Mubarak Shah (1421-1434 A.D.)
  • Muhammad Shah (1434-1445 A.D.)
  • Ala-ud-din Shah (1445-1457 A.D.)

After this, the Lodi Dynasty in the Delhi Sultanate started with the rule of Bahlul Lodi (1451 -1489 A.D.), followed by Sikandar Shahi (1489-1517 A.D.)

Origin of Sayyid Dynasty

It is said that the rulers of the Sayyid Dynasty believed in the thought that they had the power from their birth to rule the world. They come from the same lineage as the founder of Islam Prophet Muhammad. The first ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty came from the Quraish tribe, which proves the former statement. 

The name of the dynasty was the same as the belonging of the Sayyid founder, Khizr Khan. Before being a Sayyid dynasty ruler, he supported Timur, the Turkish conqueror, and was the Governor of Multan and Lahore. Furthermore, it was on 28 May 1414, when he took over Delhi. 

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About Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan, the founder of the Sayyid Dynasty, was a strong leader, but his drawback was he ruled in the name of Timur. From the image on the coinage to saving the dynasty in the name of Timur, he dedicated his reign to Timur completely. There is another name for this worthy leader, ‘Taj ul Mulk’ that depicts his rule and leadership as a ruler. 

DynastySayyid Dynasty
RuleCirca 1414–1451
PredecessorTughluq Dynasty
SuccessorLodī Dynasty (Afghan Lodis)
Claimed DescentSayyids, descendants of Prophet Muhammad
Weakening EventTimur’s Invasion of Delhi in 1398
Notable RulersKhizr Khan (1414–1421)Mubarak Shah (1421–1434)Muhammad Shah (1434–1445)Alam Shah (1445–1451)
Major EventCentral Authority Weakened by Timur’s Invasion
Division of PowerNorth India divided among military chiefs
Strongest RulerSharqī Sultans of Jaunpur
Source- History for Exam
Chalukya DynastyVijaynagar Empire
Pallava DynastyRashtrakutas Dynasty
Chera DynastyChauhan Dynasty
Pala DynastyGupta Empire
Shishunaga DynastyPandyas

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