What is the Full Form of KRA?

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kra full form

KRA full form is Key Result Area or Key Responsibility Area. Key Result Area is a management concept that refers to the list of overall goals that guide how an individual does their job in their professional space. It also refers to the general accomplishments, progress, and achievements of an organisation. KRAs are extremely beneficial as they not only help define the scope of an employee’s job or department but also determines the optimum results/outcomes of a day’s work. The usage of KRAs is critical to achieve optimum success, for an employee as well as an organisation. 

Importance of KRAs

Given the role of KRAs, how is the concept beneficial to the organisation and an individual? 

  1. KRAs help improve communication in the workplace
  2. KRAs contribute to the increase in employee productivity
  3. Further, KRAs clarify the ongoing tasks and improve the clarity  
  4. They are also beneficial in tracking performance
  5. Additionally, KRAs ensure that the employees’ tasks are aligned with the organisation’s goals 
Source: EntreLeadership on Youtube

Examples of KRAs

To get a better understanding of KRAs, here are some examples of KRAs that include the following.

KRAs for Product Managers 

Examples of KRAs for product managers include:

  • Revenue increase from products from the previous year
  • Attract more and new customers for the product 
  • Ensure continuation of current customers 
  • Ensure all customers are satisfied with the product 

KRAs for Sales Representatives

Examples of KRAs for sales representatives include:

  • Sales increase from the previous period
  • Profits increase from the previous period 
  • Online sales increase from the previous period

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