Public Bill vs Private Bill: Table of Difference

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Public Bill vs Private Bill

In India, Public Bills vs Private Bills are two distinct categories of proposed legislation. Public Bills pertain to matters affecting the general public, such as taxation, budget, or social policies. Moreover, these Bills are introduced by a Minister and are open for discussion and voting in the Parliament. On the other hand, Private Bills concern specific people, organisations, or corporations, thereby addressing their particular interests or concerns. Introduced by any Member of Parliament (MP) who is not a Minister, these Bills undergo a more detailed scrutiny process, often involving a public petition. Read on to learn in detail about the Public Bill vs Private Bill and the difference between Public Bill and Private Bill. 

Difference between Public Bill and Private Bill

Additionally, here is the difference between a Public Bill and a Private Bill: 

Difference between Public Bill and Private Bill
FeaturePublic Bill Private Bill
Introduced ByMinister of the Government.Any Member of Parliament (MP).
PurposeGenerally meant for the public welfare or governance.Generally meant for specific individuals or corporations.
Notice Period for IntroductionA Shorter notice period is required. A longer notice period is required to be placed on the ballot for selection. 
Likelihood of SuccessHigher due to government backing and resources.Lower due to limited resources and competition with government business.
DebateDebated in both houses of Parliament.Usually, not debated extensively and discussion is limited.
PassageRequires a simple majority to be passed.Requires special majorities and procedures.
Public InterestGenerally in the interest of the public as a whole.Generally, not in the interest of the public at large.
ExampleThe Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill.A Bill seeking to grant a particular individual a special privilege or exemption.
Difference between Public Bill and Private Bill.

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