What is the Full Form of RPC?

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Full form of RPC

The full form of RPC is Remote Procedure Calls. RPC refers to a protocol used by a computer programme to initiate a service request through a network connection but without any of its intricacies, resulting in a subroutine or operation in another programme on another computer. This form of RPC occurs as a result of a computer programme executing a process in the address bar of a different computer on a shared internet connection, without the need to focus on the network’s complexity or nuances.

Types of RPCs

There are three kinds of RPCs. They are:

  • Batch-Mode Remote Procedure Calls
  • Callback Remote Procedure Calls
  • Broadcast Remote Procedure Calls

Features of RPC

  • To communicate, RPC employs the request-response paradigm.
  • It is also used to send messages between two processes that are on different systems but share the same network.
  • Simple call syntax, comparable to local calls, is employed.
  • It operates within the context of the server procedure.
  • Used to communicate between procedures on the same machine as well as those on separate machines.

Advantages of RPC

  • RPC has a comprehensive backup of procedure and thread-oriented models.
  • Make process calls in high-level languages to assist the user in communicating with servers.
  • The core message-sending mechanism is extracted from the client.
  • Reduces the number of tries to rewrite and redevelop the code.
  • Allows the programme to be used in a disturbed environment.
  • RPC allows for the extraction of features.
  • To improve its performance, it complies with3 multiple layers of protocol.

Disadvantages of RPC

  • There is no hardware architecture flexibility.
  • Local calls are faster and more dependable than remote ones.
  • This concept can be implemented in a variety of ways, hence it cannot be standardised.
  • Extremely prone to failure.
  • Setting up networks that can enable RPCs has a greater effective cost.

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