What is the Full Form of BDM?

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Full form of BDM

The full form of BDM is Business Development Management. It is a post in the sales and marketing department. Business Development Managers are involved in helping the business to find the target audience and grow the business by making new clients. The basic eligibility to become a business development manager is a bachelor’s with a minimum of 50-60% marks. You can either do a bachelor’s in business management or a master’s in business management to get into this profession. BDM is also involved in formulating policies that could help businesses grow at a faster rate.

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BDM Full Form: Role

It is a professional role in the corporate sector. The role of BDM is to identify potential customers and generate new business opportunities for the organization. 

BDM is responsible to develop strategies in favor of the business so that the company could generate revenue at a large scale. He is also responsible to expand the business by developing a strong loyal customer base and developing relationships with the customers.

One of the main roles of BDM is to establish partnerships that would prove profitable for the organization. 

The Business Development Manager works in close collaboration with the product team, sales team, and marketing team so that all the departments could collectively contribute to the success of an organization. 

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Skills Required to Become BDM

Mentioned below are some skills necessary to become a successful Business Development Manager:

  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Tech savviness
  • Market knowledge
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Time management skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Financial Acumen
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership skills
  • Quick responsiveness 

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