What is the Full Form of PNG?

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The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics. It was developed in 1995. The PNG files have their extension which is known as .png. PNG is the file format used for image compression. Multiple online image converters can convert image files of different formats into PNG file formats. The PNG file format is in high demand in the market as it provides portable, well-compressed, and well-specified standard images. It is also replacing the GIF due to colour limitations. 

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History of PNG

The PNG file format was established in 1995. It was developed for the storage of bitmapped or raster images. PNG is developed to replace GIF so it is also known as the successor of GIF images. 

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There are colour restrictions in GIFs as there were only 256 colours. So the main reason behind the implementation of PNG is to upgrade the image storage owing to its less compression method to save the images on the computer.

Advantages of PNG

The advantages of PNG are listed below:

  • PNG file format supports different colours and patterns.
  • It has solid colours as well as sharp edges that help in image editing.
  • Portable Network Graphics supports high-quality image compression.
  • PNG is useful for making comics, charts, logos, drawings, blueprints, graphs etc.
  • Text such s journals and letters can also be scanned using PNG.
  • Image brightness can be tuned as per the requirements.
  • Portable Network Graphics creates images with a low resolution. The low-resolution images are easy to load.
  • PNG supports transparency.
  • It supports the compression of digital images.

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Disadvantages of PNG

The disadvantages of PNG include:

  • File in .png format cannot be animated.
  • It is not supported by all the browsers. 
  • PNG is not good for large-sized or expansive images such as jpeg as it produces a larger file size.

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