What is the full form of MOUSE?

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MOUSE Full Form is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment. The computer mouse, abbreviated as MOUSE, has been an integral part of our digital lives for decades. In our blog post on MOUSE Full Form, we’ll explore the history, types, components, and uses of this ubiquitous input device.

A Brief History

The journey of the computer mouse began with Ralph Benjamin’s invention of the trackball in 1946, designed for controlling radar plotting systems. However, it was Douglas Engelbart who is often credited with the invention of the computer mouse in the 1960s. Engelbart’s team at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) developed the first prototype, which resembled an actual mouse with a cord that looked like a tail. The term “mouse” was first mentioned in a report by Bill English, one of Engelbart’s collaborators, in July 1965. Engelbart demonstrated the mouse publicly in December 1968, an event known as “The Mother of All Demos.”

Components of a Computer Mouse

The components of a Computer Mouseare are mentioned below :

  • Buttons: Most mice have left and right buttons used for selection, copying, pasting, and more.
  • Mouse Wheel: Located between the buttons, the wheel is used for scrolling and dragging.
  • Tracking Technology: Optical and mechanical mice have a tracking ball, laser, or LED for cursor movement.
  • Wired or Wireless Cable: The cable connects the mouse to the computer via USB, while wireless mice use Bluetooth or other technologies.

Uses of a Computer Mouse

Computer mouse serve a wide range of purposes. The most important functions are stated below:

  • Selecting, dragging, dropping, and hovering over data or text.
  • Scrolling through applications.
  • Opening and closing applications and computer systems.
  • Copying and pasting text between documents.
  • Executing and running programs efficiently.

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