What is the Full Form of PDA?

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PDA Full Form

The full form of PDA is Personal Digital Assistant. As the name suggests, a PDA is a handheld device like a computer without a keyboard. The user can use a pen-like object called a stylus to draw on the screen of the device or type. PDAs can be used to make notes, create sketches, read, or access the internet. Moreover, PDAs are also known as palmtop or pocket computers due to their similar features.  

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Features of Personal Digital Assistant

Here are the common features of a Personal Digital Assistant:

  • PDAs have a touchscreen to help you with daily mundane tasks.
  • PDAs nowadays come equipped with some form of memory cards such as a Secure Digital Space or a CompactFlash space.
  • Most Personal Digital Assistants offer remote synchronization.

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What is the Full Form of PDA in a Relationship?

Another full form of PDA in the context of a relationship is Public Display of Affection. PDA in terms of relationship is an act of intimacy and sweet gesture between a couple. Common examples of public display of affection include kissing, hugging, or holding your partner’s hands in public. Apart from this, sharing pictures or videos of such acts on social media is also considered a type of Public Display of Affection.

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What is the Full Form of PDA in Biology?

In the field of biology, the full form of PDA is Patent Ductus Arteriosus. It refers to an opening between the two main blood vessels of our body, the aorta and pulmonary artery, that are leaving the heart. 

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