What is the Full Form of IEC?

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full form of IEC

IEC full form is International Electrotechnical Commission. The IEC is a non-profit organisation that was created in 1906. It develops and provides specifications based on international consensus and manages assessment procedures for the electronics, electrical, and related technologies collectively referred to as “electrotechnology” as a whole. IEC publications provide a foundation for national standardisation as well as a source of knowledge when generating documents such as international contracts and tenders.

Every continent is represented by IEC delegates. They advocate for the interests of their countries, corporations, governing organisations, educational institutions, and a variety of other entities. Through its Affiliate Country Programme, the IEC also introduces new countries.

It also works with regional and national international partners to develop collaborative publications and enhance international standardising.

Fundamentals of IEC

  • Through standardisation and compliance procedures, to represent all electronics, electrical, and associated technology in worldwide markets.
  • Encouraging the development of safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly systems, goods, and services.

IEC’s Policies and Guidelines

  • The IEC Laws and Procedures act as the governing document for the organisation.
  • It outlines the rights and responsibilities of national member commissions, IEC officers, and the board of directors.
  • The IEC Guidelines define the methods for its technical work as well as the guidelines for developing and writing international standards.

Values of IEC

The following are the IEC (full form International Electro-technical Commission) basic values:

  • The primary goal of the IEC is to promote trade both within the country and with other countries.
  • It will work to boost the countries’ growth and economic development.
  • IEC encourages proper systems, products, safe services, and environmentally safe initiatives.
  • The entire world will benefit from market standardisation thanks to IEC. It will appreciate and ensure that there is a valid work agreement in terms of all electronics and electrical technologies.

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