20 Amazing Facts About Life You Did Not Know!

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From feeling happy to being sad about everything we do, see, or feel has a connection with the universe. Do you ever wonder why you fell in love with someone you know very closely and not with someone you never knew? There are many deep facts about life, including interesting psychological facts about life that you might have never known before. Well! We have curated the best ones for you. Let’s jump right into these fun facts about life that will woo you for real. 

Swallowing and Breathing Cannot Happen Simultaneously

Dr Santosh Pandey, naturopath and acupuncturist of Mumbai has mentioned that breathing and swallowing cannot take place at the same time. Both of these activities take place from a common passage called the pharynx. It sends fluids to the stomach from the mouth and air to the lungs from the nostrils so it cannot open the doors to both these things at the same time. 

Jupiter and Saturn “Rain Diamond”

This psychological fact about life might sound next to impossible. Jupiter and Saturn have temperature and pressure conditions so extreme that a diamond can melt easily. This is what we call “diamond rain.” No matter how much artificial environment we create on the surface of the earth for a diamond to melt, it requires 1 atm pressure to melt. 

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Space has no sounds

Love reading interesting facts about life? Read this. Sound is created by atoms and molecules. Since they are not available in the space, it is concluded that there are no sounds in the space. Space is a vacuum, and has no air for atoms and molecules to travel. 

Source- examsegg.com

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Babies Don’t Have Kneecaps

You heard us right. Babies are not bro with kneecaps, the cover on the knee that they have is made of cartilage and this tissue resembles a kneecap. This will ossify when they grow up. 

Earth’s Rotation is Changing Speeds

It means that the average speed of the earth’s rotation on its axis is changing with every passing year, meaning the days will get longer and nights will be shorter with the change in the speed. Moreover, the length of the day increases by about 1.8 milliseconds per century, on average.

Your Brain is Eating Itself

Through the process of phagocytosis, performed by the microglia, the cells in our brain eat neurons’ “nerve cells” or the connections between neurons’ “synapses.” Don’t sweat! This process is actually saving the grey matter for you which does not make it harmful. 

Colour of the Universe is Beige

In 200, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry, made changes to their previous report which mentioned the colour of the universe was greenish white and stated that its colour is beige white. 

The Human Brain can Store 2.5 million GB Data

We have phones with a storage capacity of 12, 16, 30, etc gigabytes, but do you ever wonder what is the storage capacity of the human brain? In our brain, the amount of data we can store can go up to 2.5 million gigabytes. 

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Eyes and Brains Don’t Shut Off in the Dark

When we close our eyes in a not-so-dark room or even in a dark room we see splashes of colors or sometimes lines of colors. This phenomenon is called phosphene. Just like the background of this page gives contrast to the black colour of the text, similarly, these lights appear to give contrast to the darkness in the eyes or room. 

Animals Sense Time Differently than Humans

As per the report of Clock Mechanics by Joery Albert from the University College London, a fun fact about life is that animals sense time differently than humans. It mentions they sense the state of light (is it day or night?), the ambient temperature (is it hot or cold?), or environmental noise (is it still or is it loud?).

Antarctica and Mars Have Almost the Same Environment

Antarctica, the 7th continent on the South Pole on the surface of the earth, is the closest equivalent to Mars due to the thickness of ice sheets, dry valley temperature, etc. 

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Craving Ice- You might have iron deficiency

After finishing your soda, if you crave ice, then you might be having iron deficiency. In kids, a common habit is that they like to chew on clay. This is known as ‘Pagophagia.’

Water is Not Wet

By definition, something is wet when it has a parent solid surface to lie on. However, water is not always on a solid surface which makes it not wet. 

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Nose and Ears Become Bigger Because of Gravity

One of the deep facts about life is that as you get older, all the parts of your body change but your nose and ears do not grow because of your age. Instead, it is the pull of gravity that makes your ears and nose grow. 

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The Sun Makes a Sound, We Can’t Hear

Do you know a fun fact about life is that the sun makes a sound in the form of pressure waves? As we mentioned above space is a vacuum so the sound waves cannot reach the surface of the earth. It is one such fact about life that if we could hear, it would be a sound harmful to human ears. 

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Music Makes You Cry

Not always! Music is more than just a treat for your dance, it activates the auditory system making it possible for your heartbeat to sync with the music. Therefore, when you hear prayers, sometimes, you cry because that is a physiological response that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, as well as the reward-related brain regions of the brain.

Brain Finds Problems

This is a psychological fact about the human brain that it is designed to solve problems. If you see your parents they always find things to do, they can’t sit ido. It is the psychological nature of humans to find things that might trick them and then solve them. 

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Spending Money on Adventures gives Happiness

This psychological fact about life might be the favourite part of all the readers who have made it here. Adventures like skydiving, paragliding, travelling, etc give happiness to the human brain because they get a break from their monotonous life. 

These are all the facts about life, be it psychological, universal, or physical.  

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