What is the Full Form of VHDL?

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The full form of VHDL is Very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language.VHDL is the programming language that is used to represent a digital system using dataflow, structural modeling techniques and behavioral. In 1981, his programming was initially used by the Department of Defense as part of the VHSIC program. 

Basically, hardware description language also referred to as HDL is the programming language that is used to describe the structure or the behavior of the digital circuits (ICs). The most famous HDL is VHDL and Verilog.

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History and Development of VHDL 

As we now know the full form of VHDL, let’s get an idea about the development and history of VHDL. VHDL was developed by the United States Department of Defence in 1981. 

This programming language was basically developed to document the behavior of the ASICs. 

There are three modeling styles in VHDL programming language:

  • Data flow modeling (Design Equations)
  • Behavioral modeling (Explains Behaviour) 
  • Structural modeling (Connection of sub modules)

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Why Use VHDL?

  • If VHDL is utilized in an appropriate manner and structured approach, then, it will surely enhance productivity. 
  • It benefits the user by giving the leverage to reuse the code as per your requirements. 
  • As electronic tools advance with the development of technology, you can use VHDL to progress to more advanced tools. 


  • It supports many design strategies such as the top-down and bottom-up approaches.
  • It offers a versatile design language.
  • VHDL enables more effective design management.
  • It allows you for multi-level abstraction.
  • It enables precise implementation. 

This was all about the full form of VHDL. For further information on abbreviations, follow our general knowledge page for more full forms like this now!!

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