When Did the Quit India Movement Start?

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when was quit india movement started

Quit India Movement also known as August Movement was an important movement which directly led to the Independence of India from the clutches of the British administration.  In the year 1942, during World War II, the Indian independence movement gained momentum. The British government, under pressure from Indian leaders, had promised to grant India dominion status after the war. However, the failure of these promises coupled with widespread discontent among Indians led to the start of this movement. In this blog, let us read more about when did the Quit India Movement started.

Timeline of the Quit India Movement
Start Date8th August 1942
End year1944
Announced by WhomMahatma Gandhi
Slogan Do or Die

Quit India Movement Start Date

On August 8, 1942, at the All-India Congress Committee session in Bombay, Mahatma Gandhi delivered his famous “Quit India” speech.  In the speech, he called for the immediate withdrawal of British Colonial rule from India. He announced that all Indians would launch a nonviolent struggle movement like mass boycotts, strikes and picketing. 

  • Gandhi’s call ignited a wave of mass protests and civil disobedience across the country.
  • Thousands of Indians, ranging from students to political activists joined the movement.
  • The British government responded by arresting Congress Leaders and imposing strict censorship measures.
  • However by then, the movement had paralyzed the administration, disrupted transportation and communication networks and came out in mass protests on roads.
  • The movement also inspired a new generation of freedom fighters to take part. 

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  • Despite the brutal repression from the British authorities, the Quit India Movement continued.
  • But by early 1944, the movement began to lose steam due to factors like – the arrest of leaders and a harsh crackdown by the British.
  • At the end of 1944, the movement had largely fizzled out. 

The Quit India Movement witnessed mass support and the unwavering resolve of the Indian people to rid themselves of colonial oppression and paved the way for the eventual independence of the country in 1947.

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