Second Buddhist Council Was Held During The Reign Of _____?

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second Buddhist council was held during the reign of

Are you curious to know if the second Buddhist council was held during the reign of whom? Scroll further down to get your answer. The Second Buddhist Council occurred around  383 BCE, nearly 100 years after the death of Buddha. The purpose of this council was to settle the rising disputes within the Sangha (monastic communities) regarding disciplinary rules. The council, however, focused on the interpretation and implementation of the Vinaya, the code of ethics for the monks. The Second Buddhist Council was held during the reign of King Kalasoka of the Shishunaga Dynasty. It was held in the city of Vaishali in India.

The Reign of King Kalasoka

The Second Buddhist Council was held during the reign of King Kalasoka in Vaishali city of present-day Bihar, India. Kalasoka was the patron of the council and played a great role in spreading Buddhism. The council was presided over by Sabakami and was attended by revered monks like Yasa and Rewata. Nearly 700 monks attended the councils.

  • King Kalasoka invited Sabakami to preside over the council.
  • His goal was to discuss the 10 issues of contention in the Vinaya Pitaka.
  • It was under his rule, that Buddhists were divided amongst them for the first time.

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Agenda Of The Council

One of the controversies that the Second Buddhist Council addressed was the use of minor rules and regulations within the Sangha. There were disagreements on various rules and practices where some monks believed that they were unnecessary and burdensome, while others argued for their importance in upholding the core principles of Buddhism. The Council debates these issues and establishes guidelines for the proper conduct of the Sangha.

The Council resulted in –

  • The Second Buddhist Council resulted in the expulsion of the Vajjian monks who were deemed to have deviated from the Vinaya rules.
  • A new sect known as the Sthaviravādins emerged after the council, emphasizing the importance of following the traditional monastic practices.
  • Schisms and differences in Sthavira-Vadins and Mahasangikas were seen.

The Second Buddhist Council concluded with the acceptance of the Orthodox teachings and practices.  It gave way forward for future Buddhist Councils, if anyone questioned the authentication of the religious beliefs. 

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