15 Fun Facts About Delhi You Won’t Believe Are True

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Delhi, the capital of India, is often referred to as Dilwalon ki Dilli. It is a city with a rich history, culture, and traditions. Moreover, the architectural details still depict its journey over the years including the rule of the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal Empire, and the British Empire. Additionally, Delhi is famous for its amazing street food, local markets, and housing the three branches of the government of India. Here are some more interesting fun facts about Delhi we bet you didn’t know. 

Interesting Facts About Delhi

1. Delhi is the capital of India and the largest city in India. 

2. It is the second most populated city in the world. 

3. It was designed by famous British architects Sir Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens. Therefore, it is also known as Lutyens Delhi to honour the architect

Fun Facts About Delhi

4. Delhi was once surrounded by 14 gates out of which only five have survived today. It includes the Kashmere Gate, the Ajemer facing Ajmeri Gate, the Lahori Gate which is the entrance into the Red Fort, the Delhi Gate or the Dilli Darwaza, and the Turkman Gate of Shahjahanabad.  

5. It is also among the leading commercial centres in northern India.  

6. Often used interchangeably, Delhi and New Delhi are two different places.

7. Red Fort, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Delhi, was originally white in colour. It was built using white limestone. Britishers decided to paint it red when the colour started chipping off. 

Fun Facts About Delhi

8. Delhi is home to Asia’s largest spice market, known by the name Khari Baori. 

9. Delhi also houses Asia’s largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market, known as Azadpur Mandi. 

10. Delhi is the world’s second most bird-rich capital city after Nairobi. 

11. The Delhi metro station is the world’s 13th largest metro rail network with a total length of somewhere about 193 kilometers. 

12. The platforms of Delhi Metro have yellow tracks put specifically to help visually impaired people. 

13. In 2010, Delhi hosted the world’s most expensive Commonwealth Games to date. 

14. Delhi is also home to a toilet museum which showcases the evolution of toilets and sanitation practices over the years. 

15. Delhi is also home to Asia’s only Bahai temple of worship, the Lotus Temple. 

Fun Facts About Delhi

16. The public transportation in Delhi runs on CNG

Hope you had fun learning about these interesting fun facts about Delhi. If you want to read more such interesting facts, then you can also visit our blog on 15 Facts About India Gate that Students Must Know.

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