What is the full form of CGI?

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The CGI full form is a common gateway interface. The CGI is a gateway between information sources and the world wide web. The world wide web consortium (W3C) has provided how a  device communicates with the HTTP using the common gateway interface. The technique enables the web browser to send data to the web server and connect with simple systems. One of the simplest techniques is to send forms and to connect with applications on the web. 

THe CGI can be explained as guidelines that enable a program to send data back to the server. 

The applications are used to create postings and to take actions dynamically. For example, when a person fills out HTML and clicks the submit button. The application can be created in the language of a computer such as PHP, Perl, and Python.

CGI Full Form: Features 

The main features of the CGI are as follows:

  • CGI scripts are written in Perl, C, or simple shellcode
  • The methods allows the usage of HTML
  • CGI is the ideal approach to create a counter as it is the fastest

CGI Full Form: Benefits

The benefits of CGI are as follows:

  • Compared to Java, complex functions are easy to perform in CGI.  Making use of a previously developed script is easier than creating your own.
  • CGI can be created on any platform and in any language as long as the standards are met.

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The limitations of CGI

Here are the few limitations of CGI

  • Information between the page loads is not kept in memory
  • Much of the existing code base is written in Perl
  • CGI makes numerous time intervals essential.

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