What is the Full Form of PSSCIVE?

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The Full Form of PSSCIVE is Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education. It was established in 1993 and is an organisation for research and development in vocational education in India. Furthermore, it is a part of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), under the Ministry of Education (MoE) within the Government of India. This institution is situated on the Shymala Hills in Bhopal and is a 38 acre campus. Additionally, it is India’s UNEVOC Network Centre and coordinates all activities related to the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in Bonn, Germany. Read on to learn more about PSSCIVE Full Form and the institute’s goals, roles, functions, and disciplines. 

What are the Goals of PSSCIVE?

In addition, here are the Goals of PSSCIVE: 

  • To implement strategic policy changes to guarantee a high-quality vocational education system.
  • Cultivate a culture of lifelong learning by equipping graduates with in-demand employability and 21st-century skills.
  • Moreover, to develop and deliver comprehensive programs for vocational teacher training to improve the quality of instruction.
  • Promote strong partnerships with businesses, institutions, and agencies to expand the reach and effectiveness of vocational education programs.

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What are the Roles and Functions of PSSCIVE?

Furthermore, the Roles and Functions of PSSCIVE are as follows:

  • To make National Policies on Vocational Training and Education
  • The Curricula needs to be Learning outcome based
  • There has to be a framework for recognition of prior learning
  • To set a guideline for documents
  • There should be an orientation programme for key functionaries 
  • E-learning resource materials for employability skills must be available
  • There should be capacity building for CVET teachers
  • To make student textbooks and teacher handbooks accessible
  • Moreover, there must be multimedia instructional materials available 

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What are the Disciplines offered by PSSCIVE?

There are 6 academic disciplines that are offered by PSSCIVE:

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