What is the full form of COA?

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The full form of COA is Certificate of Authenticity. Living in a society where authenticity is of utmost importance, it is mandatory to provide proof of the documents. And this purpose is catered by the Certificate of Authenticity. 

Be it collectibles, art, or any limited-edition items, it becomes necessary for the seller to satisfy the buyer by providing a COA, because a Certificate of Authenticity builds confidence and builds trust between the two parties. The COA is tied to the item to be sold and it never expires. 

Importance of COA

As the full form of COA implies a Certificate of Authenticity, it means that it is proof that the product is authentic. When a customer buys a product, let’s say a car or an artwork, he would wish to know whether the car or the artwork for which he is paying is authentic and not counterfeit. 

Following are the importance of COA:

  • COA is legitimacy as it is tangible and conveys that the product is unique and verifies its originality.
  • COA offers an extra layer of trust to the buyer.
  • Products with Certificate of Authenticity generally tend to resist and its value increases with time.
  • In certain reputable fields like historians and appraisers, the COA has to be verified by experts. 
  • In a digital world, where everything is online, shopping is also popular in online mode. And this gives even more importance to the Certificate of Authenticity. 

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Details of an Authentic COA

How could you identify an authentic COA? Following is the list which will help you to identify a genuine Certificate of Authentication:

  • Date of completion of the production
  • Name of the Organization/person who worked on a particular product.
  • Product holder name
  • Relevant title of artwork or product
  • Exact dimensions of the art
  • References
  • Medium utilized in the production
  • Contact details of the owner
  • Edition 
  • Statement of Authenticity by artist
  • Tracking number/code for the product
  • Online Portfolio link
  • Publication details
  • Signature

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We hope this has helped you understand the full form of COA and basic details associated with it. Do you want to know more abbreviations like this? Just stay tuned at the General Knowledge page to know more! Connect with us study abroad experts and achieve your international dream today!

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