15 Mind-blowing Facts About India’s Gaganyaan Mission

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After the glorious success of Chandrayaan and Aditya-L1, ISRO is all set for its next space exploration mission, Gaganyaan. Announced in 2018, this historical mission aims to boost India’s space exploration capabilities by sending astronauts into space. The success of this mission will not only make India the next country to achieve this but also pave the way for future collaboration with international agencies. Gaganyaan is also an important topic for school students as numerous related competitions are being organized frequently. Here are 15 astonishing facts about Gaganyaan to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Interesting Facts About Gaganyaan

1. The name Gaganyaan is taken from the Sanskrit language and means “Celestial Vehicle”. 

2. The space mission Gaganyaan was first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018 on the occasion of Independence Day

3. Gaganyaan consists of two parts, a crew module to create an Earth-like environment for astronauts and a service module. 

4. The success of Gaganyaan will make India the fourth country to launch its crewed spacecraft after Russia, the USA, and China. 

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5. The four chosen astronauts for the Gaganyaan mission are the group captains Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair, Ajit Krishnan, and Angad Pratap, and wing commander Shubanshu Shukla. 

6. ISRO chief S Somnath adorned the astronauts with badges featuring golden wings. 

7. India has collaborated with Roscosmos, a Russian space agency, to provide special training to the four astronauts.  

8. Gaganyaan aims to launch the crew of astronauts to an orbit of 400 km for 3 days and bring them back safely to Earth. 

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9. The precursor missions of Gaganyaan include an Integrated AirDrop Test (IADT), Pad Abort Test (PAT) and Test Vehicle (TV) flights. 

10. A woman robot named Vyommitra will go into space before Gaganyaan to test safety procedures and other complexities. 

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11. ISRO will use its LVM3 rocket to launch Gaganyaan. 

12. Astronauts involved in the Gaganyaan mission will wear special orange space suits created by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. 

13. Factors such as space debris and creating Earth-like conditions are some of the greatest challenges to the success of the Gaganyaan mission.

14. ISRO has identified 48 backup points around the world to ensure a safe recovery of Gaganyaan. 

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15. So far, Gaganyaan is expected to land in the Arabian Sea where Indian agencies will carry out a rescue mission for the crew and the module. 

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