How to Become a Sketch Artist in India: A Complete Career Guide

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how to become a sketch artist

A sketch artist is an individual who specialises in painting and sketching using various mediums such as inks, watercolours, pencils and more. Secondly, they have a keen eye for details and a talent for capturing the essence of their subject with creativity. An artist may also specialise in different areas such as portrait, architectural, fashion sketching, industrial sketching, etc. They are also valued for their creativity and accurate visual representation. If your soul seeks creativity and you love painting and sketching, this job is perfect for you. 

Importance of a Sketch Artist in India 

The role of a sketch artist in India is significant and has various roles. Some of them are: 

  • They preserve the rich culture of India ways of their art forms. 
  • They help in conveying stories through their sketches by representing emotions and expressions. 
  • They represent a unique perspective of India through their artistic style and work. 
  • India is known for its historic monuments, which are captured intricately by the artist. 
  • They are a source of creativity for students thinking about opting for this field. 
  • They help in portraying the sentiments and emotions of people through their portraits and sketches. 


Responsibilities of a Sketch Artist 

The responsibilities of sketch artists depend on their specific field of work and the industry they work in. Some of the general responsibilities are as follows: 

  • The primary responsibility of a sketch artist is to create sketches in various mediums as required by the client. 
  • They need to gather references before starting a sketch such as studying photographs, observing subjects or visiting locations. 
  • They must pay attention to the smallest details for an accurate sketch or portrait. 
  • Since sketch artists work closely with clients, they need to effectively communicate and translate their ideas into work. 
  • They need to be flexible and adaptable according to the project and clients. 
  • They should stay updated with the trend and continue to improve their skills.

Overall, the responsibilities contribute to the ultimate success of the sketch artist. 


How to Become a Sketch Artist? 

For becoming a sketch artist in India formal education is not a requirement as it is a job based on skills and creativity. Individuals who wish to opt for formal education can go through the following steps:

  • STEP 1: After completion of 12th Grade, an individual can opt for Bachelor’s in Fine Arts/ Visual Arts and then can further proceed with a Master’s in Fine Arts/ Visual Arts. 
  • STEP 2: After completion of 12th Grade, one can opt for a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts/ Visual Arts and then can proceed with a PG Diploma in Fine Arts. 
  • STEP 3: After completion of 12th Grade, one can opt for Diploma in Fine Arts/Visual Arts and then can proceed with PG Diploma in Fine Arts.


Top universities in India offering the course for sketch artistry in India along with their fees are:

University NameFees in INR per year
Delhi University38,000
Banaras Hindu University15,000
University of Hyderabad13,500
FAD International2,00,000
Lovely Professional University3,00,000
Parul University21,000
Amity University1,00,000
University of Mumbai4,00,000
Jamia Millia Islamia21,000
University of Hyderabad14,000

To get admitted into these universities, one should have completed std 12 and passed the entrance exam as required by each university. The time duration for completion of graduation in drawing can be between 3-4 years. 

Courses Available 

The courses a candidate can opt for are:

Bachelor courses- 

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BA Fine Arts
  • BA (Hons) Drawing and Painting

Diploma courses- 

  • Diploma in Fine Arts 
  • Diploma in Art and Craft 
  • Diploma in Drawing and Painting 
  • Diploma in Fine Arts & Drawing 

Master courses-

  • Fine Arts and Drawing Master Degree 
  • MFA Program in Drawing 
  • Master of Arts 
  • Master of Arts with a speciality in Painting 

Application process 

The application process for each degree is as follows: 

  • Completion of Std 12 from a recognized school and clear the undergraduate entrance to take admission in Bachelor’s degree
  • A candidate must complete a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in the course of drawing or painting and clear the postgraduate entrance examination to get admission to the master’s degree. 

Documents Required 

The important documents that are required during admission to a university are: 

  • Std 12 mark sheet and passing certificate to appear in the entrance examination of each university. 
  • Graduation Marksheet to be eligible for the post-graduation entrance examination. 

Skills Required

There are a few skills which are indeed required to become a sketch artist. These are as follows: 

  • The fundamental skill required to become a sketch artist is strong drawing skills. This includes an accurate depiction of shapes, sizes, lines and techniques such as shading, texturing and others. 
  • A keen eye for detail is required for creating realistic sketches. 
  • Also, a sketch artist should have a sense of composition and be able to arrange elements effectively and efficiently. 
  • To make their art look out of the box, a sense of creativity is required to create unique sketches. 
  • Creativity requires patience and artwork requires patience and multiple attempts to achieve the desired results. 

Salary of a Sketch Artist

The salary of a sketch artist ranges from INR 0.2 Lakhs to INR 11 Lakhs. The average annual salary of a sketch artist is INR 3.1 Lakhs in India. Through freelancing an artist can earn up to crores. 



What is the salary of a lead artist? 

The salary of an artist depends upon his work experience and his creativity. Though the salary keeps increasing along with the experience, the average salary of a lead artist is INR 11 Lakhs. 

Can sketches be sold online? 

Yes, you can sell your artwork on various online platforms and earn money. You can also create your website or a page where you can upload your painting for selling purposes. 

Which stream should an individual opt to become a sketch artist? 

So, to become a sketch artist in India, one can come from any background as the degree requires no specific stream. For better growth and experience, an artist should opt for the Arts stream keeping drawing and fine arts as their core subjects. This will provide you with a base for future courses. 

This was all about sketch artists in India. Hope this blog cleared all your doubts. For more information keep following Leverage Edu. 

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