5 Great Online Learning Platforms to Learn Something New Everyday

Online Learning Platforms

Whilst fighting with COVID-19 and following the norms of social distancing, it is almost impossible for schools to facilitate the conventional classroom teaching method. On the other hand, many of those who are staying at home with their work schedules postponed, the best idea to utilise this time and make it golden is to boost your knowledge bank and gain an advanced skillset. Online education has emerged as a boon especially during this pandemic. There are a variety of online learning platforms available which can assist you in the preparation of competitive exams or you can set a goal for yourself to learn something new every day! Here is a blog which aims to guide you about the top online learning platforms you must know about. 

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The sudden lockdown in the country has led to a temporary pause especially in an academic context as examinations, results, admissions etc. have been impacted. But students are taking advantage of continuing their education through online learning. Whether you are a student or a working professional, TEDed is a free online platform you can explore to learn about prevalent and interesting topics. Being one of the highly motivational online learning platforms, TEDed is a brainchild of TED talks and TED conferences. With its motto of “lessons worth sharing”, TED ed aims to celebrate teachers and students across the globe and offers more than 1000 educational videos on popular topics and one can also create their own lesson on the website to spread it across a global audience. 

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YouTube encompasses much more than those hilarious and adorable videos of cats and dogs that everyone loves to watch on repeat. It is one of the greatest online learning platforms through which you can explore a diverse set of skills, whether as a student, homemaker, entrepreneur, working professional or anyone with a strive to learn something new! As the choicest video platform of all the time, there are millions of videos available on Youtube, ranging from education, career, travel, test prep, inspirational stories and much more! In other words, it can be referred to as the epitome of free online learning as it not only focuses on educational topics but it also contains videos which can equip one to get a hold of copious other activities like cooking, how-to-do guides, makeup, games, DIY, arts and crafts, etc. 

Leverage Live 

Leverage Live stands ahead in the league of the top online learning platforms by providing quality education for preparation of competitive exams like IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc. The importance of a perfect score in the above-listed programs is undeniable as it plays a quintessential role in your application. Whether you are utilising this time to gear up for any language proficiency exam or a standardised test like GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc., the best-in-class faculty at Leverage Live can guide you in achieving your dream school to get admission into your dream university! Incorporating unique teaching methodologies, from interactive online sessions, personalised classes to doubt sessions, Leverage Live aims to ensure that the student gets the best guidance as well as the right study material to ace their test preparations. Moreover, the exclusive weekend batches give them an edge over others. Thus, this platform is a sure shot option you need to explore to use this golden time to get the perfect score you have always aspired for! 

Harvard Extension School

Regarded as the holy grail of every student willing to study abroad, Harvard University provides online learning through its Harvard Extension School. A leading name amongst the best online learning platforms, this school offers a plethora of online courses ranging from certificate or diploma to degree and professional courses. If you possess the motivation to acquire high-end education in the field of your choice, Harvard Extension School can be the best option to make the most of this lockdown period. Being one of the 12 degree-granting institutions of Harvard University, the HES provides more than 900 online courses and degree programs. Hence, pursuing a course from this esteemed institution can be the best utilization of the quarantine and you can even become a member of the Harvard Alumni Association

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What can be better than learning a new language for free and by just investing 10-15 minutes every day? Yes, you read it right, Duolingo known as one of the best online learning platforms for those aiming to master a new language. According to Psychology, there are innumerable benefits of learning a new language as it sharpens your memory, improves your first-language, enhances your multi-tasking skills and even lowers the risks of brain ageing, dementia, etc. From the popular ones like French, German, Spanish, Japanese to regional ones like Hindi, Dutch, Arabic, etc., Duolingo offers a varied range of languages with amazing features like customised lessons, timely reminders, tracking your progress, gaining certifications, etc. 

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Hopefully, after reading this blog about 5 best online learning platforms, you have pulled up socks to begin your learning journey and putting this quarantine period to the best use! If you are gearing for competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc., sign up for the online preparatory classes at Leverage Live and we will guide you in getting your dream score and sending a winning application to your chosen university abroad!

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