How to Become a Business Manager in India?

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Businesses need qualified candidates to help them manage their administrative tasks and overlook business activities actively. For students who pursued their education in business degrees, having the career of a business manager in mind, this blog can certainly be of use. But if you are someone who wants to enter the business world and hold a business management position, but doesn’t know where to start, this blog will surely help you. The steps that lead to becoming a business manager include taking the directed educational qualifications, possessing the appropriate skills, and being aware of the eligibility criteria and the top universities. This blog entails everything to the likes of the same. Continue reading to know better about how to become a business manager. 

Overview of a Business Manager 

One who chooses to be a business manager shall be aware of the fact that they will be endowed with great responsibilities of managing administrative tasks related to the development of the business. A business manager is also required to be well-versed in accounting, marketing, and business procedures that shall assist them to perform budget analysis and find out the ways the company can potentially cut costs. 

Furthermore, with a direct and clear goal in mind, business managers should be refined their skills and depending on which industry they are working in, they should be able to showcase leadership skills at every level; with an ability to control the financial aspect of businesses. 

Educational Qualifications Required 

Holding the right degree has great value in terms of starting your career in the business world. Let’s have a look below to get to know what these core courses for becoming a business manager are and the eligibility criteria for qualifying for the same. 

Core Courses for Becoming a Business Manager 

Some of the prevalent courses that help students in landing a career in the business field are tabulated below. 

Undergraduate Level Postgraduate Level Specialisations 
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management 
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Related business degrees depend on the specialisation.
Master’s in Management 
Master’s in Business Management 
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Related business degrees depend on the specialisation.
FinanceAccounting Marketing Sports Management Strategic Management 

Academic Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue business degrees are mentioned below. 

  1. Candidates must have passed education at 10 + 2 level from a recognized board. 
  2. Candidates applying for postgraduate courses must have completed a bachelor’s degree in a relevant course from a recognised institution.
  3. To apply abroad, they must meet SAT and ACT scores. 
  4. English Language Proficiency Requirements should be met as per the university. For example, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. 

Required Skills to Enhance 

For one to become a business manager, there are certain skills that can come to their use and for further enhancement of the same, ample work opportunities arise. These are mentioned below. 

  • VERBAL Communication
  • Analytical Abilities 
  • Ability to Work In A Team 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Accounting and finance skills 
  • Written Communication
  • Probability Distributions
  • Ability to Influence and Negotiate
  • Statistics

Salary Offered to a Business Manager

Having relevant work experience is a major step in climbing the ladder to becoming a business manager. Let’s look at how salaries differ in India and Abroad, based on experience and without.  

Particulars In India
Without Experience INR 3 lakh to INR 5 lakh
With Experience INR 25 lakh to INR 26 lakh

Top Industries Suitable for A Business Manager 

Business Management Jobs are heavily in demand in the following sectors. 

  1. Information Technology 
  2. Engineering 
  3. Data Science and Analytics 
  4. Sales 
  5. Business Development 

Future Scope of a Business Manager 

The demand for business management in India and abroad has grown and is growing. The scope of business managers is bright and fulfilling in the coming time. Some of the indicative factors are shared below. 

  1. Gaining Business Management degrees also allow students to earn appropriate work experience that is integrated into the course curriculum, honing their skills in the process and preparing them for the future firsthand. 
  2. Students coming from a business background in academic terms are more likely to find a suitable industry given their relevance and range of specialisations that are provided to them along with their study of the business subjects. Each specialisation has its own industry to business managers are ever relevant. 
  3. Business Managers also acquire several soft skills which further enhance their career path. 


Q1. What are the different types of managers in a company? 

Ans. The most basic types of managers are top-level managers, followed by middle managers, first-line managers, and then team leaders.

Q2. Is the business manager job worth it?

Ans. Yes, being a business manager is certainly worth it. Demand for business managers is present in numerous areas so they are supported with ample opportunities. 

Q3. Is MBA important for managers?

Ans. Having an MBA degree definitely helps managers to enhance their career path. 

This was all about How to become a Business Manager. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process of enrolling into a business management degree so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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