Highlights of Education Budget 2021

Education Budget 2021

The much-awaited Budget 2021 is finally here! Many of us have been waiting for this year’s Budget to arrive. Since the pandemic has dropped the country’s GDP, everyone was looking forward to how the Union Budget 2021 can restore it. From a budget cut of Rs. 6000 crore to the establishment of 100 new Sainik Schools, the Education  Budget 2021 is full of ups and downs.

After the announcement of the National Education Policy in 2020, everyone was eyeing on the Education Budget 2021. The policy, which was modified after more than 3  decades, promising many significant changes in the education industry. 

In Budget 2021, we can see many recommendations which are directly or indirectly related to the National Education Policy and its implementation. In this blog, you will get to the highlights of Education Budget 2021!

Key Takeaways for the Education Sector

  1. Over 15,000 schools will be launched in India for the implementation of NEP 2020.
  2. A National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) is to be set-up that will promote digital learning and support learning and teaching activities.
  3. CBSE board exams will be held in the NEP 2020 manner from the academic year 2022-23.
  4. The Apprenticeship Act will be revised to support students and provide new job and internship opportunities to them.
  5. Senior and retired teachers will now be acting as mentors to teachers for online and offline support under NDEAR.
  6. A central university is to be established in Leh, Ladakh that will promote equal education opportunities to students living there.
  7. Tribal areas in India will get their own 750 Eklavya model residential schools to make education more accessible in India.
  8. A new national language translation mission will be launched that will translate online policy-related information in regional languages.
  9. A plan to train more than 52 lakh school teachers through National initiative for School Heads and Teachers for Holistic Advancement (NISTHA)

An Upsurge in Different Education Sections

  1. The Education Budget has received a 6.1 percent low allocation in comparison to last year. However, in comparison to the revised Budget 2020, this budget is 9.5 percent higher. The budget for this year is INR 93,224.31 crore.
  2. The sectors of School Education & Literacy, National Education Mission, Department of Higher Education, Digital E-Learning, and IITs and IIMs have been allocated more budget than last year.
  3. A new allocation has been added for a segment called ‘Indian Knowledge Systems’ for 10 crores.

Dip in Allocations in Education Budget 2021

  1. The Mid-Day meal policy has seen a dip in its budget, hopefully, owing to a push for digital learning.
  2.  The salary scale of college/ university teachers has also seen a hit this year.

While budget 2021 caters to a lot of sectors in Education, many students and education experts were hoping to know more about the implementation of NEP 2020. What are your views on the Education Budget 2021? Let us know in the comment section below! Connect with Leverage Edu experts if you have any questions regarding higher education and careers! For more such educational content and give us a follow on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Quora, and Instagram!

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