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Dabur careers

In recent times, Dabur India has reported steady revenue growth with a CAGR ( Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 9% over the last five years. The company’s net profit has also been consistently increasing, with a CAGR of around 12% over the last five years. These statistics and data can be very appealing to any individual who might wonder about getting a job in Dabur India, and today we will list down all the necessary things about Dabur and its job opportunities

Overview of Dabur India

Let’s take a short overview and understand the key details related to Dabur:

Industry TypeConsumer Goods, ie FMCG
India Employee Count5,000 to 10,000 employees
Founded In1884 (139 years old)
CEOMohit Malhotra
Type Of CompanyIndian MNC
Nature of BussinessB2C
Office LocationNew Delhi
Company OwnershipPublic
HeadquartersGhaziabad,Uttar Pradesh, India
FounderDr S.K Burman 

About Dabur India

Dabur India Ltd is one of the leading companies in  FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) that was founded by Dr. S.K. Burman in 1884. In the initial days, the company started as an Ayurvedic medicines manufacturer and gradually expanded its product portfolio to include a wide range of consumer goods such as foods, personal care products, and health supplements.

Dabur strongly focuses on research and development towards their products which are based on the principles of Ayurveda. Their motto is to make ancient Ayurveda and modern science work together. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and herbs to promote health and well-being. Even the retail and institution investors who invested in Dabur India Ltd saw exponential growth as Dabur’s Stock pumped from INR.136 to INR. 548 in the span of 10 years which helped in gaining the trust of consumers, employees, and investors and also making it a steady and tough competitor in the current market for other companies.

Benefits of Being an Employee at Dabur India Ltd

Dabur treats people as valuable assets and tries to provide all the necessary benefits to its employees. Apart from result-driven training, work-from-home opportunities, and rewards for excellence, these are some additional benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Free Transport
  • Child Care
  • Team Outings
  • Education Assistance
  • Free food and Cafeteria
  • Gymnasium
  • International Relocation

Highest-Paying Jobs at Dabur Careers 

Some of the most common and high-paying jobs at Dabur Careers are mentioned in the table below:

                        Job Profile                   Salary Per Annum
              General Manager               INR 51 – 55 Lakh
          National Sales Manager               INR 33 – 36 Lakh
              Regional Manager               INR 29- 32 Lakh
      National Bussiness Development              INR 23 – 26 Lakh
              Senior HR Manager               INR 22 – 24 Lakh
           Key Account Manager               INR 16 – 24 Lakh
            Sales and Marketing              INR 12 – 17 Lakh
    Territory Development Executive               INR 10- 12 lakh
                    Intern             INR 1.1 – 1.5 Lakh

*Courtesy- Glassdoor and this may tend to differ with time.

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Eligibility and Hiring Process at Dabur Careers

There are certain criteria that are needed to be met and fulfilled before you can apply. Let us understand this with an example-

If you apply for a Job Role which is let’s say Territory Manager then the eligibility criteria would be

  • Education BackgroundMBA / PGDM or Equivalent
  • Location Depends on the vacancy availability 
  • Graduate Experience– 5 – 12 years of relevant experience in the FMCG industry
  • Age- 25- 38 years

The information provided above may tend to change and vary depending on the different job roles.

And regarding the recruitment process, these are the following steps as per Dabur Careers:

Step 1-  Explore and Apply

In the first step, you explore different job vacancies available then choose and apply for your desired job role according to your skills, interest, and experience. Just an additional tip try to keep your resume flexible for all kinds of job opportunities.

Step 2 – Assessment 

In the next step, if you are shortlisted for the job profile, you will be assisted to give an online assessment, some other technical test, or some kind of group discussion according to your job profile which will be decided by the company’s hiring manager and they will get in touch with you to explain the further process.

Step 3 – Interviews 

After the hiring authorities find your resume and application interesting, you be asked for a personal interview, which may consist of many rounds which depend on the particular job role you have applied for, this will help the company to understand your nature, communication skills, behavior,  and you as a whole person which may include questions like your passion and your achievements.

Step 4 – Offer Letter

After the interview rounds,  the evaluators will thoroughly check your profile and might perform a background check if they think it’s necessary. If you are the right fit for that particular job role you will be greeted with an Offer letter from the company.

Few Questions Which Might be Asked at Dabur

You might get concerned about what questions can the evaluator ask while you are preparing yourself for the Personal Interview round. Here are some questions which have a high probability to get asked and we won’t include any commonly asked questions, lastly, these questions may vary depending on the job role:

  • Can you calculate the percentage scheme for the article scheme?
  • What do you store under management?
  • What do you store under missing parts?
  • What is the back down calculation?
  • How to calculate Return on investment?
  • How would you convince a coworker?
  • How will you behave when you have a conflict of interest with your manager?

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Q1. How a fresher with no prior experience can apply at Dabur Careers?

Ans. According to the current requirements of Dabur India Ltd, they are only hiring candidates with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience. This may change in the near future but for now, employee referral can be one way how someone can apply for a job or internship.

Q2.  Is Dabur India a good career option?

Ans. Yes, but it totally depends on an individual’s personal preferences as there are many benefits of getting a job here but you might get asked to get reallocated as per the company’s need. So it’s entirely a personal call to make.

Q3. Is there any job vacancy in Dabur open for the Kolkata region?

Ans.  Unfortunately, there is no open vacancy posted by the company as of now.

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