Study Abroad: Students can get skilled worker visa even before their graduation

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Study Abroad: Students can get skilled worker visa even before their graduation
The revised UK visa policy will give study abroad aspirants more freedom and opportunity.

There are options for study abroad aspirants to alter their status to work visas even before they graduate from college, despite all the worries that obtaining a student visa in the UK may become more challenging starting in 2023. Earlier, even if a student had acquired valuable abilities, they still needed a degree-level qualification. It is noteworthy that the UK government is acting to lower obstacles for study abroad aspirants who want to stay in the nation and participate in the labor force. A move in the right direction toward luring and keeping highly skilled talent in the UK, the rule change will give overseas students more freedom and opportunity.

Additionally, the government’s stated objective of attracting the finest and brightest study abroad aspirants from around the world to the UK is aligned with the removal of the degree-level qualification requirement.

Additionally, this modification will make the Skilled Worker Visa more available to a larger spectrum of people, enabling them to contribute their knowledge and skills to the UK economy. As this will promote innovation and progress in the nation, it is crucial that the UK continue to support and draw in talent from abroad.

The announcement that international students who want to study abroad can now get a job offer from the employer and apply to switch from the student route visa to a skilled worker visa immediately made headlines in the study abroad sector earlier this year.

In general, the change is viewed as a positive step forward for those who want to study abroad.

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