ITI Courses

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ITI Courses

Offering industry-focused education and training across a range of Engineering and non-engineering disciplines, Industrial Training Institutes or ITIs afford students a fast track opportunity to enter the job market. With several branches spread in tier-1 to tier-3 cities, students can enrol in ITI courses beginning with 8th standard extending up to 12th standard. Owing to its field-specific nature and structure, ITI courses have not only established themselves as a competent alternative to regular degree programs but also enjoy affiliation with a variety of employers and industries. Through this blog, we will take a look at what the structure of these programs are and types of ITI courses along with other prerequisites.

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ITI courses are typically offered as diploma programs. The minimum eligibility criteria for a majority of ITI courses are typically 8th standard, 10th standard or 12th standard depending on the discipline and objective of the course. For instance, an electrician course may ask applicants to have at least attained 10th standard qualification whereas welder courses are offered to those who may only have passed 8th standard qualification. Minimum percentage of marks, age and reservation-related conditions may also apply as per the institute standards.


In particular, ITI courses are offered as both Engineering and non-engineering study programs which may extend from 6 months and one year to two-year duration.

  • Engineering & Non-Engineering: The distinction between engineering and non-engineering disciplines is necessary to differentiate between the course requirements of both categories of courses. For instance, in order to apply for ITI courses like a Diploma in Civil Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering may require a prior background in Science and Mathematics while a course in Fashion Design and Technology may be offered to individuals hailing from many diverse disciplines.
  • 6 month, 1-Year, 2-year & 3-Year Courses: The duration of a wide range of ITI courses vary according to the objectives of the chosen program. A skill development course may be offered as a short-term course and those programs which may require significant training may have a longer completion period of 2 to 3 years.

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Types of ITI Courses

Given below are a few of the top ITI courses along with the duration and eligibility conditions that you must consider.

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ITI Courses Duration Eligibility
Computer Hardware & Maintenance 1 Year 10th Standard
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 1 Year 10th Standard
Draughtsman (Civil) 2 Years 10th Standard
Draughtsman (Mechanical) 2 Years 10th Standard
Digital Photographer 1 Year 10th Standard
Electrician 2 Years 10th Standard
Fashion Design & Technology 1 Year 10th Standard
Electronic Mechanic 2 Years 10th Standard
Interior Design & Decoration 1 Year 10th Standard
Fitter 2 Years 10th Standard
Mechanic Auto Body Electrical & Electronics 1 Year 10th Standard
Mechanic Auto Body Repair 1 Year 10th Standard
Mechanic Auto Body Repair Painting 1 Year 10th Standard
Mechanic Consumer Electronic Appliances 2 Years 10th Standard
Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2 Years 10th Standard
Mechanic Motor Cycle 1 Year 10th Standard
Sewing Technology 1 Year 10th Standard
Welder 1 Year 8th Standard
Secretarial Practices (English) 1 Year 10th Standard
Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures) 2 Years 10th Standard
Technician Power Electronic Systems 2 Years 10th Standard

Note: Students are advised to check specific eligibility conditions and course durations at the official website of their chosen ITI courses.

ITI Courses: Institutes

The branches of leading ITIs are present in leading cities of Delhi, Hyderabad and Kanpur as well as in Bhavnagar, Alwar and Ajmer, amongst others. The following table summarises seven institutes offering ITI courses across India.

S.No Name of the Institute Offering ITI Courses Location
1. Department of Training and Technical Education, Govt of NCT Delhi Delhi
2. Sir CV Raman Industrial Training Institute, Dheerpur, Delhi Delhi
3. Industrial Training Institute, Hyderabad Hyderabad
4. Industrial Training Institute, Cuttack Cuttack
5. Industrial Training Institute, Jaipur Jaipur
6. Industrial Training Institute, Allahabad Allahabad
7. Industrial Training Institute, Kanpur Kanpur

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of institutes providing ITI courses.

ITI courses, along with a host of diploma and short-term courses are an effective way to gain a specialised set of skills and acquire an edge over the competition. Needless to say, it is important to realise that choosing a specialization that suits one’s skills and abilities determines, to a large extent, the career graph that one may expect to attain. The AI-based tool at Leverage Edu is a significant step forward helping students to pick a field that matches their interests and aspirations thereby assists them in shortlisting a suitable combination of course and university to advance in their career.

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