This Day in History – February 27

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February 27

Since you genuinely love our blogs on this day in the History series, we are back again with another one for February 27. So if you are a history lover and really eager to know what all happened around the world and India on this day in History of February 27, you must read this blog till the end. 

What Happened in India on February 27? 

February 27
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1803: Great fire 
The great fire was held in Bombay, India 
1973: American Indian Revolution  
In South Dakota, on February 27, 1973, the American Indian Revolution occupied Wounded Knee.
2013: Market Fire
20 people died in a market fire in Calcutta, India, on February 27, 2013.
2019: Tension in the Kashmir region 
Pakistan shot down an Indian fighter jet and captured the pilot, further escalating tensions in the Kashmir region.

What Happened Around the World on February 27? 

Around the world
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1557: The first embassy of Russia arrived in London
Russia’s fist Embassy arrived in London on February 27, 1557.
1594: Henry IV
Henry IV was crowned as the King of France.
1670: Jews expelled from Austria 
On the order of Leopold I, Jews were expelled from Austria.
1693: Ladies Mercury magazine
The first female “Ladies’ Mercury” magazine was issued in London, England.
1700: William Dampier 
On February 27, 1700, William Dampier, the English explorer, was the first British person to visit New Britain’s Pacific Island, which he named.
1814: Beethoven’s 8th Symphony
Ludwig van Beethoven’s 8th Symphony in F premiered on February 27, 1814.
1816: Napoleon defeated
After the defeat of Napoleon, the Dutch regained Suriname from the French.
1827: Mardi Gras festival 
The first Mardi Gras festival was held in New Orleans.
1872: First African American female lawyer
Charlotte Ray, the first African American female lawyer in the USA, graduated from Howard University.
1921: International Working Union of Socialist Parties 
The International Working Union of Socialist Parties was founded in Vienna.
1925: NSDAP resurrected
Hitler resurrected the NSDAP political party in Munich on February 27, 1925.
1930: Bouvet island
Bouvet Island was declared a Norwegian dependency.
1932: Boissevain coal mine explosion 
An explosion happened at the Boissevain coal mine, Virginia, USA, left 38 dead.
1933: Reichstag destroyed
The Reichstag, the German parliament building, was destroyed by fire. It was probably set by the Nazis, who accused and executed the Dutch Communist Martin van der Lubbe.
1939: Government of Francisco 
In Spain, Britain and France recognised the government of Francisco Franco.
1947: Paul-Emile Victor 
French explorer Paul-Emile Victor created the French Polar Expeditions on February 27, 1947, to oversee French scientific missions.
1958: Nuclear test conducted
USSR conducted nuclear tests at Novaya Zemlya USSR on February 27, 1958.
1965: Underground nuclear experiments 
France conducted Underground nuclear experiments at Ecker, Algeria.
1974: ‘People’ magazine started
The magazine “People” started sales.
1981: Boeing 7477
There was the greatest passenger load on a Boeing 7477 commercial airliner-610.
1985: US Dollar 
The US dollar was priced at Ÿ3.93555.
1990: Last day of rationing rum 
On February 27, 1990, it was the Royal New Zealand Navy’s last day of rationing of rum.
1996: Pokemon appeared
Pokemon appeared in the role-playing video game “Pocket Monsters Red and Green” for Game Boy in Japan.
1998: Newton computer discontinued 
Apple discontinued the production of the Newton computer on February 27, 1998.
2002: 59 Hindu pilgrims killed 
A Muslim mob killed 59 Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya when the Godhra train burned.
2015: Boris Nemtsov assassinated
Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in Moscow.
2019: Semi identical twins  
Doctors revealed the world’s second reported case of semi-identical twins, a boy and girl from Brisbane, Australia.

List of Important Birthdays 

Joanne Woodward
Born on February 27, 1930, Joanne Woodward was an American actress, producer, activist, and philanthropist.
John Steinbeck
John Ernst Steinbeck Jr. was born, who was an American author and the 1962 Nobel Prize winner in the field of Literature. 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, born on February 27, 1807, was a famous American poet and educator.

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