International Education and Work enhances “Asia literacy”, says Australian Officials

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International Education and Work enhances “Asia literacy”, says Australian Officials

According to a joint report from the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) and Asia Society Australia, study and work abroad opportunities have helped increase Australia’s “Asia literacy”. The report, that looks at young Australians’ Asia-related knowledge and skills, also called Asia literacy, states that additional work needs to be done in order to understand the demand for these skills

The report found that an increasing number of Australian undergraduates studying in the Indo-Pacific has enhanced their understanding of the region. Pointing towards a wide range of research experiences, global study tours, health placements, and other work-related placements now available to students, the authors note that learning abroad opportunities have moved “well beyond” the traditional one-semester exchange programs

This mobility attained through the New Colombo Plan initiated by the Australian government aims to increase knowledge about the Indo-Pacific region among young students as well as lend support to future career opportunities. 

According to a survey in the report, abroad learning has created confidence among the students who want to engage with the region. This also included increasing these students’ interest in pursuing employment in the region. 

Lastly, the Australian government has also announced an extension of work rights for international graduates who want to pursue education for in-demand skills. 

Kirrilee Hughes, research manager at IEAA said: “Asia literacy is about efforts to develop skills and knowledge relevant to Australia’s place in the world. It’s at the heart of the Australian government’s New Colombo Plan and it’s essential for Australia’s TNE footprint across Asia,” as reported by the PIE News. 

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