New UGC regulations set to open partnerships between Indian & Foreign institutions

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New UGC regulations set to open partnerships between Indian & Foreign institutions

On May 2, 2022, the University Grants Commission, the central governing body of higher education in India, released a notification containing some regulations. UGC notified that these regulations to be officially titled ‘University Grants Commission (Academic Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions to offer Twinning, Joint Degree and Dual Degree Programmes) Regulations, 2022.

While the title is definitely a mouthful, the regulations are an exciting development in the Indian higher-education system. These regulations put forth by the UGC throw open the doors for academic collaboration between Indian and foreign universities.

Reading the title closely, it is revealed that there are three types of courses that fall under the scope of these regulations, namely Twinning Programmes, Joint Degree Programmes and Dual Degree Programmes.

Twinning Programmes

Under these programmes, Indian students will be able to complete up to 30% of their courses in a foreign university in collaboration with an Indian Higher Education Institution (HEI). The degree awarded to the student will also come from the Indian institution.

Joint Degree Programmes

Taking a different approach, under the Joint Degree Programmes, the course curriculum will be set by the Indian HEI and the Foreign HEI in collaboration. The curriculum will be designed such that the student completes at least 30% of their course in each of these institutions. The degree will also be awarded by both of the participating institutions in a single certificate.

Dual Degree Programmes

As the name suggests, Dual Degree Programmes will conclude in two separate degree certificates being awarded to the candidate, one from each participating institution. The course curriculum will also be designed by the Indian HEI and foreign HEI in collaboration, ensuring that there is no overlap of course content. The student will also be required to complete at least 30% of their course from the Indian HEI under these programmes.

UGC has defined the minimum standards for academic collaborations between Indian and Foreign HEIs under these regulations. While the real-world implications of these regulations are yet to be seen, these new regulations issued by the UGC are steps in the right direction and are surely set to benefit the student.

Note – The complete notification issued by the UGC can be found attached below.

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