Mental Ability Questions

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Mental Ability Questions

Solving mental ability questions can take you far, especially since it enhances problem-solving aptitude which comes in handy in real-life situations. Given below are 25 Mental Ability test Questions and Answers that will help you gauge where you currently stand and subsequently, improve your aptitude. In addition to that, we have curated a list of helpful books that will instantly enhance your mental ability.

25 Mental Ability Questions and Answers You Must Try 

Here are 25 Mental Ability test Questions and Answers which will help you prepare for your test

  • Introducing a man, a woman said, “He is the only son of my mother’s mother.” How is the woman related to the man?
  • Introducing a man, Neeraj said, “His wife is the only daughter of my wife.” How is Neeraj related to that man?
  • If A × B means A is to the south of B; A + B means A is to the north of B; A % B means A is to the east of B; A – B means A is to the west of B, then in P % Q + R – S, S is in which direction with respect to Q?
  • In a code, CORNER is written as GSVRIV. How can CENTRAL be written in that code ?5. Amir was born on Feb 29th of 2012 which was a Wednesday. If he lives to be 101 years old, how many birthdays would he celebrate on a Wednesday?
  • What should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following alpha-numeric series?
  • A clock that gains 10 minutes in 24 hours, is set right at 12 AM. What will be the true time when the clock indicates 5 AM on the following day?
  • The clock is started at noon. By 10 min past 5, the hour hand has turned through :
  • 9. The year next to 1896 that will have the same calendar as that of the year 1896 
  • This question is based on the information given below. Study the information carefully and then choose the correct alternative to answer the question. Five friends A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench.
    • A is sitting next to B. 
    • C is sitting next to D. 
    • D is not sitting with E. 
    • E is on the left end of the bench. 
    • C is in the second position from the right. 
    • A is on the right side of B and to the right side of E. 
    • A and C are sitting together. 
      Where is A sitting?
  • If REASON is coded as 5 and BELIEVED as 7, then what is the code for GOVERNMENT?
  • 8, 7, 16, 5, 32, 3, 64, 1, 128, (?)
  • 16, 33, 65, 131, (?), 523
  • 5, 2, 17, 4, (?), 6, 47, 8, 65 
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, (?), 32
  • 2, 3, 10, 15, 26, (?)
  • 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30
  • 190, 94, 46, 22, 10, 4, 3
  • In a coded language FRUIT = HTWKV then FLOWER will be written as 
  • In a coded language TAKE = 1790, PLOT = 5321 then code for PLATE will be
  • In a coded language SHOP = 8256 , WORK = 9573 and HOME = 2541 then the code for SMOKE will be
  • In a coded language TRACE = 43251 and EARTH = 12347 then the code for FACT = 12347 then the code for FACT will be 
  • Q :  If 5 – 5 =24 and 7 – 7 =48 then find the value of 10 – 10 =?
  •   Radhika went 50 meters south from her house, then turned left and went 20 meters, then turned north and went 30 meters. In which direction is his house from this place?
  • A, is the brother of B. C is the mother of A.  B is the granddaughter of D. and F is the son of A. what is the relation of F to D?
  •    A series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete that series. DJ, EM, FP,?

The Ultimate List of Books You Need

Here is the intricately curated list of book for you:

Take These Tests to Evaluate your Skills

ALLEN Career Institute

Skills in Mental Aptitude Analyze Work Performance

A positive mental attitude is necessary for completing daily duties at work. Employees lose their creative or lateral thinking abilities over time as a result of the repetitive, boring nature of their jobs. Candidates at the entry-level are also solely exposed to theoretical and textual information, and the analytical and creative areas of their minds are not fully utilized. Hiring people with inadequate mental aptitude reduces the likelihood of innovation, which has a direct impact on a company’s success. Mental aptitude skill tests can assist discover individuals with the intrinsic capacity to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions in this situation.

The following are some of the primary advantages of mental aptitude tests for pre-employment screening:

  • Look for applicants who can bring fresh ideas to the table.
  • Examine a candidate’s demeanor and mental acuity.
  • Examine how quickly a candidate reacts to a certain situation.
  • Examine his or her proclivity for reacting and not reacting.

Employers might also add tailored questions to assess a job applicant’s ability to think critically.

Applications of Mental Aptitude Tests

The mental capacity exams are designed to help prospective and current workers understand their interpretation and reasoning abilities. Most of these aptitude tests may be tailored to a certain career or subject. It might reveal a candidate’s level of self-assurance, originality, and ability to understand information.

Questions on mental aptitude exams frequently fall into the following major categories:

  • Verbal Reasoning
    • Rearranging sentences to create sensible paragraphs
    • Finding the inter-relation between two or more statements
    • Summarizing a paragraph in one or two sentences
    • Reading comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning
    • Alphabetic/number sequences
    • Finding missing figures
  • Statistical and analytical data interpretation
  • Riddles and puzzles
  • Guesstimate problems

Employers frequently utilise one or more of these questions to locate individuals who possess the talents they need.


What are mental aptitude tests and how do they work?

Mental aptitude tests are used to evaluate a job seeker’s ability to think logically, laterally, and creatively. The length and difficulty level of the test can be customised to meet the needs of the employer. The exam findings can assist organisations identify applicants with strong mental aptitude skills and establish a workforce of highly competent workers.

Why are mental aptitude tests used in the recruitment and training of employees?

These mental aptitude tests are used by leading firms throughout the world to discover top achievers at the pre-hire stage. They may also find existing employees’ latent abilities and teach them to become future top achievers through training programmes.

What are the different types of mental aptitude tests utilized in the recruiting process?

Some of the mental aptitude tests used in recruiting are verbal reasoning, logical thinking, guessing questions, puzzles, riddles, in the form of Q and A, picking the correct answer, reading comprehension, and more.

This was all about Mental Ability test Questions and Answers Apart from tests and books, you can try out sudokus and solve mental puzzles. For more such informative content, and more test Questions and Answers stay tuned with Leverage Edu!

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