This Day in History – October 1

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This Day in History- October 1

Did you know that October 1 was the day the Soviet Union announced the famous five-year plan for the development of their country? The five-year plan became so famous that countries like China, India, and countries in Eastern Europe used it as a foundation to build their own economies! Keep reading to find out more about this unique day in history- October 1

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What Happened in India on October 1?

1953- Partition of Madras from Andhra Pradesh
On October 1, 1953, Madras was partitioned from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

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What Happened Across the World on October 1?

  • 1928 – 5 year plan introduced by Soviet 
    The Soviet Union on October 1, 1928 introduced the 5 year plan.
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  • 1931 – George Washington Bridge Established
    The George Washington Bridge was established. Thus, linking New York and New Jersey.
  • 1946 – Nazi Leaders sentenced
    In 1946, the Nazi leaders were sentenced at the Nuremburg trials.
  • 1946 – Daegu October Incident
    In 1946, the Daegu October Incident occurred in allied occupied Korea.
  • 1958 – NASA replaced
    NASA in 1958 replaced the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
  • 1960 – Nigeria, free from UK
    In 1960, Nigeria gained independence from the UK
  • 1978 – Tuvalu, free from UK
    In 1978, Tuvalu  gained independence from the UK
  • 2017 – Independence referendum declared illegal 
    Independence referendum was declared illegal by the constitutional court of Spain.
  • 2018 – Chile denied access to Pacific Ocean
    The ICJ in 2018 ruled out that Chile is denied access to the Pacific Ocean with Bolivia.

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Famous Birthdays

1924 – Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Cater is an American philanthropist and former politician. He served as the 39th president of the United States from 1977 to 1981

Credits : CBS News

1945-Ram Nath Kovind
Ram Nath Kovind is an Indian politician. He is serving as the current President of India.

Credits : President of India

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