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LEGOs are a uniform love of every child. Do you remember making different sculptures with LEGO? They have been monumental in building creativity within children around the world for so many decades. Now, you cannot go back to your childhood but you surely can bring it to you! Did you know that there is a full-fledged career in LEGOs? LEGO Master Model Builders channelize their creativity and build amazing LEGO models.lLet’s check out all about how you can become a LEGO Master Model Builder! 

What Does a LEGO Master’s Job Look Like?

It might come as a surprise but it is a full-time job for many adults with LEGO hinged tightly to the back of their minds. The second best part about this job is that it pays you well. First is still the fact that you work with LEGOs. You don’t even need a degree to become one! All that you need is a goodimagination and profound skills. But, the job is not all play and fun. It does have its own shortcomings. The Master Model Builder needs to have patience as it is a time taking process to finalize any model. 

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Digging Deeper Into the Role

It won’t be an exaggeration to mention that master model builders play with LEGO and end up creating the best models. Their creation is not like childhood anymore but highly systematic. There is an entire team in the marketing and creative group that designs and proposes the upcoming models. After the acceptance of the LEGO model concept, the master builders turn their heart and soul to work until the finished model is prepared. The size of the models vary between- miniature, simple, small, life-size, and more. 

According to Hintz, a Master Model Builder, working at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center San Antonio, the largest model built by him was a life-sized holiday tree of 10 feet height. He has also built several giant minifigures upto five and six feet tall. He has also built for inside the buildings of MINILAND San Antonio. 

Besides creating models, a master model builder also repairs and maintains the models made of LEGO. They are also responsible for the marketing roles and must be prepared to give interviews on their models. Many builders create instructional videos for social media platforms and provide virtual classes for interested candidates.

First Step to Becoming a LEGO Master Model Builder

The LEGO Master Model Builders must be creative in a unique way. Thinking out-of-the-box and creating self designed models is an additional benefit towards becoming a LEGO master. Some of the common techniques used by ‘My Own Creation Hub (MOCHUB)’ are the following:

  • SNOT: Studs Not On Top, where the studs of bricks don’t point upwards
  • Offsetting: A half-stud offset is created with a 1×2 plate with one stud
  • Lettering: The SNOT is used to create letters and numbers
  • SNIR: Studs Not In a Row, zigzags and diagonal lines are created

The LEGO Masters can come up with their own techniques as well.

Have the Knowledge

A great part about earning this job is that no bachelors degree is required. Secondary education is necessary though. A minimum of a high school diploma works. The candidates should focus on specific subjects such as art and design classes. They should also concentrate on maths, physics, science since these are also required while building the designs for LEGO.

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Acquire the Right Skill Set

The specialised skill sets that help in becoming a successful model build are:

  • Familiarisation with LEGO Digital Designer. It is the software for designing and helps in building virtual models with the LEGO bricks
  • A large part of becoming a master builder includes guiding, mentoring, teaching, and coaching the younger aspiring builders
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills are very essential

Build an Impressive Resume

A very well organised and creative portfolio describing the best work and experience is necessary while applying for this position. 

  • It should clearly mention the skill sets and knowledge of the software
  • Mention the maximum number of projects and some of the best works
  • Write your purpose for joining as a master builder and why you should be hired for the role 
  • Include your creativity, range, flexibility of doing the work

Compete for the Job

Hiring for this position is not done in a traditional or typical way. In fact, it includes several competitions where contestants from different countries participate and receive the title and position of master model builder. There are several rounds on different days for the participants. The winners are selected on the basis of creativity, skills, interaction, and similar other parameters. 

How Much Do LEGO Builders Make?

On an average the full time LEGO master model builders have an annual salary of around $37,500 (INR 27,56,130). However, the interns or learners can make $10 (INR 734) per hour. The senior builders get $12 (INR 881) per hour.

What Places Offer the LEGO Builder Job?

Most countries abroad offer a job as a LEGO master model builder. Some of the companies offering a job are:

  • LEGO
  • Merlin Entertainments
  • The LEGO Group
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Arizona
  • Brainiax Innovative Learning
  • Brain Builders
  • IPG Media Brands
  • Okay Play
Credit: LEGO

How Many LEGO Builders are there?

According to Priceonomics, There are only 40 LEGO Master Model Builders in the world. The 23-year-old Andrew Johnson with a History Major was the youngest Master model builder hired by LEGO. He cleared an intense three round process to win the competition. 

Becoming a LEGO Model Master is about complete dedication and passion. The established master builders recommend people to build and keep playing with the bricks. You need to build beyond a house and a spaceship. Trying to build a portrait, historical building, pets, life-size models, that will actually help in becoming a LEGO Master Model Builder.

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