Bournemouth among UK’s Top 20 Most Innovative Cities

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Bournemouth has been included in the list of the most innovative cities in the UK. United Kingdom’s cities epitomise the combination of beauty, knowledge, tranquillity, and scientific know-how. London and Southampton are some of the other cities included in this list published by the card payments provider Paymentsense.

Bournemouth University Campus
Source: bournemouth.ac.uk

Methodology Used for the List of UK Top 20 Innovative Cities

The factors used by Paymentsense to ascertain the top 20 most innovative cities of the UK include:

  • Google Search volumes for related searched terms,
  • Number of new Kickstarter ideas & the average amounts pledged,
  • Education levels of the working population,
  • Business startups per 10,000 people and the percentage,
  • Private knowledge-intensive business services jobs.

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Other Top Cities

London, the capital city with a diverse history of technological inventions, gigantic cluster of artefacts and panoramic Cultural complexes, topped the list with a score of 86.4.

Bournemouth got the 16th position in the UK’s top 20 innovative cities. It’s location has made it a popular destination for investors, students and tourists attracting over five million visitors annually with its beaches and popular nightlife.

About the riverline settlement, the report’s authors said: “The coastal town scored well in all the innovation areas studied – beating large cities such as Cardiff, Birmingham and Sheffield.” 

“Despite a high 17.7 percent of jobs in Bournemouth being knowledge-intensive business service jobs, Bournemouth is also highly acclaimed for its creative sector.

“The Arts University Bournemouth and Bournemouth University produce highly skilled graduates, with many staying in the area due to the good work/life balance and diversity of the area.” they added.

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Universities in the United Kingdom foster an environment that values innovation, and therefore encourages students in becoming successful entrepreneurs. The majority of research environments are considered to be conducive to producing research of internationally recognised quality.

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